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  1. Ones a week when the lights are turned off i take my chaeto out and wave it around in my main tank. Soon enough they will start populating.
  2. I have tonnes of them. From what i see online their one form of copepod
  3. Must up abit first ma. Some algae here and there i dont mind but if house visit quality must up abit hahahah
  4. Wiah house visit i stress. My maintenance must up first before sharing with other people. Lol
  5. Another way is to increase copepods population. They do graze on them. When my population of pods increase i notice my diatoms go down. Specially at night when they start feasting. By morning i dont see much diatoms. Unfortunately from what i saw online diatoms decreases the reproductive rate of copepods. Give and take i guess
  6. [emoji106] all the best. You will feel dam good specially when you see all the detritus get suck up and when cleaning the canister filter. One thing though the canister will stink quite bad
  7. Another alternative which i use is to get a canister filter and fill it up with all the filter pads. Use a turkey baster to flow all the detritus from the sand and rocks while at the same time use the suction end to suck up all the debris. The return end go back to main tank. And if you want to be 100% sure you can get all the debris can put a filter sock at the return end. At least by doing so you can take your time to completely rid your tank of detritus before doing a water change
  8. Maybe what u can do is get those external breeder box and put your zoas inside after a good dip. This way higher chance for those in the tank to starve out and easier for you to monitor the zoas and pick out any visible nudibranch
  9. Wow thats commitment right there.
  10. Hi all, was wondering if one big clump of chaeto is better or should i split it into two for better nitrate consumption? My logic is more chaeto ends = more growth = more nutrient absorption
  11. Cause i scared the long journey from the fish shop home might cause a drastic increase in temperature. So i prefer to float bag and drip at the same time to help reduce as much stress as possible to the livestock. Good idea [emoji106] . Can combine silentlurker diy and your idea. Nice!!!!
  12. Careful when u handle them. I punctured mine while holding it...luckily it manage to recover
  13. Maybe can use dosing pump hahaha
  14. One question the metal valve wont rust?
  15. Got any diy tip when i wanna drip acclimatize my lifestock while they are in a plastic bag which is floating in the tank?
  16. Might wanna check this out http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/129967-WTS-hang-on-back-Tunze-DOC9002-Skimmer
  17. Normal way just use thinner fishing line.. i used to use them to catch catchfish at pungol end haha
  18. No choice must make bottled popsicles
  19. Maybe you can consider having a skimmer and also polylab bio sphere..i use to struggle with 10-20 ppm nitrate...but after putting the bio sphere infront of my skinmer last week my nitrate gone down to 5ppm. A number i used to not be able to achieve... [emoji106] . As for now dont give up and continue with daily water changes and also get your biofilter set up! Soon enough things will get better
  20. One more thing what about your water temperature?
  21. Do daily water changes of maybe 10 to 20 percent. Whats your filtration system by the way? Also i suggest not adding any more lifestock into the tank before you find the root of the problem.
  22. Why not try yellow tang? Mine help me with my red bubble algae...hair algae brown algae...almost everything he eats except green bubble algae
  23. In the end no contrast only see stripes swimming around lol...to add on my sand also black. I love black, but too much can be boring
  24. Sigh too bad my tank background is black. If buy also cant see much
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