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  1. hello saltyspivia, you did well to start over with a marine aquarium and a beautiful passion that takes your heart, fantastic ....... marine............ aquarium .................I wish you much happiness.
  2. Do-it-yourself management and methods Macro algae lagoon aquarium
  3. hi, it should be codium fragile, right? I really like it as macro seaweed. do you still own the codium? if yes to some photos of how it became?
  4. hello I am fond of macroalgae, which you administer in the aquarium to maintain them?
  5. you know the macro seaweed codium fragile?
  6. you know the macro seaweed codium fragile?
  7. the complete development stopped, and did these come out? why? What are? thanks to everyone who will answer me.
  8. in the aquarium I have the dsb method, I give iron magnesium calcium strontium potassium, I have no fish, I have no invertebrates, I have only many macroalgae that grow but do not fully develop their structure and shape. can you tell me which elements might be missing?
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