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  1. Actually, I think that if your five tangs love it, the algae on that one rock ($5) wouldn't last 3 months. Sounds more like they don't really like it but also don't have much other choice if they want to get more vegetation in their diet. Suggest you try using dried/roasted nori. You'll be surprised just how much tangs will eat.
  2. Unless you keep mushies or other hardy corals, it generally takes a lot more work maintaining a reef tank than a FOWLR. So if you're still fairly new to the hobby, I suggest you stick to FOWLR for the moment until you're comfortable with the workload for marine fish in general, before moving up (if you want) to keeping corals. Stay away from SPS in particular unless you have deep pockets and a fair amount of reefing expertise.
  3. Be careful what's on the other side of the wall. If it is an interior wall, shouldn't be a problem. But if one of those walls is an exterior wall that faces directly into the sun, you will have massive heat problems in your tank.
  4. Agreed... my wife initially was concerned with how much I had spent on my setup and running the tank etc... So after time, we compromised... I cut down on expenses and stop adding LS to the tank, and she took time to understand the hobby. Now she helps feed the fish and clean the glass, and likes to watch the fish as much as I do
  5. 20ft fish. Yeah right Dun talk about markey prawn, I think you have to feed it 1 whole cow every day
  6. Yes, as a customer you should get some background knowledge before buying a product otherwise you might get cheated. That was my mistake However, it does not excuse the seller when he makes claims about his product which are patently untrue, especially if he knowingly does it to make a sale. That is misrepresentation and deceitful marketing. If I or my family owned a marine setup business we would run it honestly like the many sponsors for this site, relying on customer goodwill and word-of-mouth advertising. I would not stoop so low as to make a quick buck by preying on the ignorance of customers and selling them what does not work. My personal experience with Atlantis, corroborated by several other peoples' experiences, is that this is not a "specialist setup" (whatever that term is supposed to mean) but in fact a rudimentary setup disguised as a high-end product. If his system was so good he would be rich now and not operating out of a little IMM shop.
  7. the deeper layers of the sand should not be disturbed... once you do all the toxins will be released. so moving the old sand as a whole is out of the question.
  8. ahaha another mention of the small-knife club
  9. I think Norton is superior to McAfee. But oh well this doesn't answer the first post.
  10. You will probably clear much faster selling the individual items. I don't think many people will want your exact same set up and livestock. In addition, you can't just have a "quick & easy" setup unless you are selling the tank and the part of the house it is sitting in so that it does not need to be moved if people buy it, the transport alone will cause MAJOR disruption to your tank so the new buyer will probably have to change most of the water anyway.
  11. I disagree. As a buyer who paid several thousands for a set-up from this shop, I am entitled to express my view that the product is unsatisfactory and that the salesman grossly misrepresented the capabilities of the system. In addition, when livestock starts to die at an alarming rate, instead of acknowledging what is wrong and what the system cannot support, he claims the fish are victims of cyanide poisoning. When I started, he put in 17 (!!!) fish, including damsels, clowns, wrasses, chromis & pyjama cardinals. In all, FIVE of those 17 lived beyond the first week. I was scooping out dead fish on a daily basis. In the same way, if Earth bought a tank from them and it is equally worthless, he is entitled to post his negative comments on it.
  12. Sorry but these sound like excuses... I suppose a person having "major exams" (read O-levels) is busier than full-time working ppl or someone taking uni exams. Funny that you can man a booth for two days when Anthony Calfo's around but it's really tough trying to organise a meeting that you keep asking about. And I suppose Pasir Ris is far from the west, but really near to LCK or ML when there are nice frags to be found... That being said, your dedication to the learning about reefing is commendable. I won't be surprised if perhaps someday your commitment to this subject leads you to become a world-reknowned expert in reefing. When that happens, I will be the first to congratulate you. For the moment though, the jury is out and I will keep my other comments to myself.
  13. I've heard that its safer to pluck off the dead shoot completely rather than snip it off, which releases toxins into the water.
  14. No frikkin way that plane landed so easily
  15. suggest you get roasted seaweed for them. can be found in NTUC. make sure you look for the type WITHOUT ANY SEASONING. tangs need a lot of green fibre in their diet, otherwise they will be prone to disease such as HLLE.
  16. Storm, [X], PAGNnet, sgwargames... whichever has the most people at whatever time i log in (usually around 1130pm-12pm) my nick is same as sgreef nick
  17. paiseh i'm still playing used to frequent the storm servers mainly cos they're the most full around midnite. more ppl to kill...
  18. well you can't take that shot actually. if you stand on the ledge and scope it will be much too close. this wasn't from a screenshot. i told you, it was photoshopped
  19. While trawling through my old files, I found something which I photoshopped a few years ago. My old CS nick back then was falling piano. I still get a laugh out of this picture
  20. how about this one? easier for less pure minds to see the non-###### version
  21. eh but she is what and BH, why don't you just go ahead and start arranging some meeting? Why does it need to have AT's approval before it can go ahead? You could gather some momentum first, and if it appears that enough people are interested in something more official, I'm sure AT will take notice and get involved. At this point nothing has materialised so you can't blame him for not devoting much bandwidth to dealing with this.
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