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  1. Dont worry over it la... "wan shi qi tou nan"... in chinese la. Further, got new tank liao ma. Haha. Starting a new tank is kinda fun... Can have new ideas. As many said concentrate on yur studies first la. Not much LPS shipments now... sianz.. have also sky high prices. Seems like its abt time the singapore GOV should re-evaluate what my month 'allowance' man...
  2. Not AA or reborn. Close. 350 for an orange one is still pretty steep... iwarna also nv qoute till so high... 350 maybe can if its a neon metallic blue / purple prata.. HAHA!
  3. 200-350 for red and orange striped pratas... 80-100 for the greens and lime green one... All under actnics display....
  4. Hi bro. Nice tank. Hows the AT?
  5. Bro i have one. SIngle fan abt 4" diagonal. If yur interested feel free to PM me. Stay in bedok res rd.
  6. Yeah was there. Beautiful blue line angel. Dunno the price though... Baby Blue yumas are 40 and the purples one are 25 buckeroos a pop. Check out if u r interested.
  7. If yur talking abt coraline and bacteria... within abt 2-3mths should do it. But the rest of the life forms... may be tough.
  8. Woah... nice... Cant believe all the sps are the cheap brown ones when u got them...
  9. i see.. thanks pal... 3 more weeks then....
  10. SOrry to Hijack bro... I left my main tank fishless for slightly more then a month after my itch attack... Had transfer all my Fishes to my QT. Been under going medication. Last week did a change of water and replaced half the water in my QT with that of my main tank. But now my PBT is having a slight itch problem again. SO my question is, one month of fishless main tank to kill itch too short? Is it possible that the itch parasite may have infected the other LS in my tank (Namely shrimps, cuke and various LPS.) due to the absence of fishes? Really getting on my nerves as i have no answer... hope u get can help.
  11. woah... bro. Where u get so much $$$? Part time job ah?
  12. Mine doesnt eat for abt 3days too. Think was due to shock la. Then after i tied nori over a piece of small rock and just threw it into that tank. Then wait lo. It'll nibble la. slowly at fist then slowly introduce it to pellets. Take some time and effort la, esp when the fish is not feeding when u bought it or when it just arrived. I bought mine at Pasir ris's Ah beng shop. Got it home while still in its shipping bag!
  13. Interested to know where to find these shops too. Do they have a central location?
  14. Have Anyone seen the fishes below? -Starkii Damsel -Orchid Dotty back -and tomini ?
  15. wow... Good gf u have there. Mine went crazy every tme i buy something for my tank... Imagine when i bought my beckett. The only thing she likes? Boxfishes... But when ask her to chip in and buy one for my tank... i kanna scolded. "Your hobby ok!"
  16. The corals prob need to get use to teh presence of the fish. After that they'll open up as normally. But Gornio seems to be more sensitive to this action... my solution... add another torch or frog spawn.
  17. On the topic of hybrid tangs... Heres a link i've found. If u have enuf dough... can order la. Achilles X Goldrim Tang http://home.flash.net/~rarefish/tanghybrid.htm Powder blue X Goldrim (Powder black) Tang http://home.flash.net/~rarefish/tanghybridpowderblue.htm What i feel is that for hybrid tangs, the only main prominent feature thats different is in the coloration and pattern of their tails only.. But still Great find if u can own one!
  18. Yeah this is a juv. specimen. The adults are Blueish green in color and have a bulbous head, Like a louhan like that. Quite similar to those giant wrasse we see in documentries of coral reefs and diving shows...
  19. Bro very nice tank and a unique design for yur sump too. Drove my tank maker crazy with mine too... ended up with mulitiple delays. But bro thing i have to bing up... Abt the way yur return is drawin water from the sump. Too many elbows leh. Could end up reducing the flow rate of the pump, and hence making the pump work harder too. Can try to improve on that? Just my tots. DONT FLAME ME AHH...
  20. Hey LoReNsIa HAHAHA! I collect all my skimmate give u for now la. I feel that my sump is quite simple. Configuration wise is just made up of five 1 feet cubes. Havent finsih 'construction' yet though. Gonna make the sides, and doors. So people wont see all the bottles of stuff inside. Havent seen yur tank leh... post la!
  21. Aiyoh... i also had my fall before ma... Now climb back up slowly lo. Sorry to hear what happen to yur tank... now have to play waiting game lo...
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