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  1. Yap, looks liek a leather to me. Place it high, good lights and good flow. Soon u'll see it extend its little flowers.
  2. I think those are sweepers. They are already attacking lo...
  3. Cant believe people actually vote AT as hardy... My vote goes to the yellow tang. The only fish that survived my itch wipe out... My fav. Mine looks and behaves like a dog. HAHA!
  4. Or rather... pieces of yur shrimps flying ard...
  5. NO3 high .... But then again. LAst time used to have a period of EX high NO3 in my 2 feet and my current 3 footer too. Dose AZNO3 for abt 2 weeks but my corals didnt like it, so i've stopped. Continue 10% weekly change... Added a fuge... now better liao. Dont expect overnight or rather... over the weekend changes unless u r willing to do drastic measures...(Really drastic... Total change of water, clean sand clean rocks type..) Takes some time la. Not surprising if it will take up to a month. BUT>>> then again. My motto... As long as the stuff looks alright and healthy... then...
  6. Looks recoverable to me. At least not bleached and still can see the flesh. Feed it regularly under indirect lights will do it good. HAHA! Been looking for prata like that... But since a shop qouted me 300 buckeroos for one similar... i've given up hope.
  7. AGree with loster. No many Sticks liao... hahaha! No offence...
  8. Am interested. Pmed u with my number. BTW i hope its ok as a return pump for my 3 feet..
  9. Nice prata. Gonna be more beautiful in full bloom.
  10. Hey man... sorry to hear abt yur loss... Hope u cheered up.
  11. The best advice i can give u now is to catch out yur fishes into another tank and treat them with medication. The trouble of catching them is worth it, if u compare it to watching yur fishes slowly suffer and die... Try to catch them early in the morning. They are more sluggish.
  12. Tried it once out of DESPERATION. And heard from other reefers... hardly if ever hear/seen it eating aquarium fare... It will do well for at most a couple of weeks. Then after it decides to hide more often and behaves more sluggish. Before finally disappearing.
  13. HAHA! tell me abt it. How abt carrying yur becket ard in a hawker center during lunch time to buy food b4 headin home... People was like.. wat the hell... Btw u might want to create more height and add more dimension by using more rocks. Looks better and more natural.
  14. Welcome to the NS guys "budegt" grp. On the bright side. at least u earn more then me. 500++ nia.... Nice looking tank btw. and u might want to tank extra caution with the metal stand.
  15. FW dip is to kill Parasitic nudis that may hitchhike on the colony.
  16. Still waiting for the cam... Soon enuff la.
  17. Forgot to add... alot of healthy golden angels at iwarna too.
  18. SOmehow i feel better if the differences in prices (GRading) are judge on weather the fishes are feeding or not then the color...
  19. WOah... So cheap ah.. where u buy one? Buy for me a couple of tunze too...
  20. I'm gonna get flamed for this.... I usually run my zoo colony under the tap for abt 1 min, then followed by a 1-2 min soak. They will survive, dont worry.
  21. woah.. New tank new possiblities... Where's the full tank pic?!
  22. AH beng's at pasir ris A few rose bubble tips. Also ALOT of bright colored regals angels and emperor angels. Red sea sailfin's , powder blues/browns and Dispars too. Iwarna have alot of nice solar wrasses. Cute cuttle fishes too. And a variety of gobies. Dunno wat type but can remembered them being the banded and yellow shrimp gobies. Antias... and hammers/torches. Pacific marines Alot powder blues. Copperband, long nose and 8 stripe butterfly fishes. The 8 strips have under one inche in size. Very small.
  23. Sorry but can anyone tell me where is ocean planet? Nv heard b4 leh... Thanks alot in advance.
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