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  1. Hi Bro, yes. Candycane for sale at $10/head.
  2. Hi Friends, Ive the following corals and Maxima Clam for sale. 1. Bright Yellow Elegance $240 - 8.5cm Skeleton size 2. Yellow Cat Eye Bubble $180 - 7cm skeleton size 3. Purple with Blue Line Maxima Clam $150 - 5-6cm shell size Picture are all taken under 10k lighting. WYSIWYG Interested please pm me. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks everyone for the interest. Tank sold and collected. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Reefers, i have decom my house tank and have cleared off all the water and live stock. Selling away a custom tank done by my buddy. Selling at $500 - Tank + Stand + Sump + Acrylic Magnet Door + Control box Tank Dimension : 100cm(Length) x 60cm (Width) x 45cm(height) Glass : Full Crystal Glass with Hanging Overflow Box Stand : Aluminium Profile Customization : Wire Control Box + Magnet Acrylic Door Piping : Red and White Sanking PVC Piping Can pm me for higher resolution photos and video if interested. Reefers who knows me well enough, simply know that i love my things to be neat and tidy. Do Msg me at Nine382Two624 Collection be at woodland. Thank you, Lorenzo
  5. 3) Hanna Phosphorous ULR Checker + Reagent Selling as each : $50 Both Checker sold and collected by very nice reefer
  6. Dear Friends, I have 3 used equipment for sales : 1) Skimz CR152 Full set (Include precise control Valve) with Media 5Liter CO2 Tank (80% Full) Ocean Free Solenoid Regulator(Used for 1month only) Weipro PH Controller Feeder Pump Selling as a set :$450 2) Nyos Torq Dock + 1Liter Body Selling as a set : $130 3) Hanna Phosphorous ULR Checker + Reagent Selling as each : $50 all my item is used, but never once abused.. Pm or Whatsapp me at Nine382two624 Thank you, Lorenzo
  7. 2 frag sold and collected. Interested do pm me..
  8. 1 frag sold and collected.. 2 frag currently reserved..
  9. Dear friends, i have 6 stable frags of True World Wide Coral Illuminati Zoas for sales. Interested please pm me. Mother colony for your reference. Taken under 14k white light with no editing Under Actinic Light Thank you, Lorenzo Lee
  10. Very nice! upz for you bro!
  11. Available Zoas : Rainbow Infusion, Vamp in Drag, and Sunkist Zoas only. if you are interested in Emerald on Fire, i may have 1 more frags available. please pm me!
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