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Found 16 results

  1. pm me if you have purple tang xs/s size or any tangs in that matter
  2. Guest

    Tang Favorite Food

    Please share what is your tang favorite food! My Tangs love to eat TLF Seaweed on Magnet Clipper and Vitalis Marine Grazer.
  3. Looking for either one. Ideally 2 inches and above. Please pm or whatsapp 9six3six0740 if you have them for sale. Thanks
  4. 18cm healthy, fat and friendly yellow fin Tang. Eats pellets, nori, mysis.. basically anything! Reef safe and non-aggressive. Letting him go to reduce bioload. Looking to trade for zoas, acro or monti frags - or smaller tangs. Location: pasir punjang.
  5. I have a few more livestock left for sale and can be pick up by today or tomorrow. 1. Sailfin Tang (bout 4-5 Inches and no damage) S$40 2. Chromis 6 pcs. This guys are my very first fish. S$20 3. GSP 1 = S$15 4. Pulsing Xenia 4 with Clove S$10 - attached to a medium size rock. WhatsApp : 85223044 Location : Admiralty Drive Sembawang (near Canberra Primary School) Bags will be provided. All livestock are still in the tank. Equipment sale to follow after all livestock are sold. Thanks for the Support. -Richard
  6. Hi, Selling the below:- Orange back Basslets (Serranus Annularis) - $200 Feeding on mysis and krills. Size: About 2-2.5" Blue tang that is black in color - $110 Eats anything Size: About 3-3.5" Collection in the East or East LFS Thanks.
  7. Selling a yellow tang 2"+ for $25. Black footed clown 1"+ for $12. Both trapped in isolation box ready for collection. Both are feeding on pellets. If not eating I will give u the fish foc. Collect in jurong west. Text me at 964O 671O. Thanks
  8. Hi want to buy Purple Tang, PM me if you have. Thanks.
  9. anyone selling yt n blue tang about 3inch pm me
  10. anyone selling yt n blue tang about 3inch pm me
  11. Have two healthy fishes to let go, both keep for >than 6 months. Fat and greedy (Free from parasite), feed on anything. 1. Regal Angel- pygoplites diacanthus (3.5”) -$36.00 2. Desjardin's Sailfin Tang - zebrasoma desjardinii (3.5”)- $24.00 PM me if you are interested. Take both have slight discount. Location near Holland road. More pictures and short clip video upon request. Happy reefing.
  12. Hi guys, Is it me or do I seldom see Moorish Idols in reef tanks? Are they really difficult to rear? They are tangs so they don't nip or eat corals, am I right? Do they not get along well with other fishes? Per say, they are really one of the most beautiful fishes going around as the shape of their body is really unique..
  13. Hello Reefers Decomming my 2feet cube of 4 years I'm letting go of the following lifestocks first: Pair of Black Ocellaris Clownfishes (about 2" each): $35.00 Blue Tang: $20.00 (about 2.8") Yellow Tang: $30.00 (about 2.5") Scopas Tang: $10.00 (about 2.5") Red Flame Angel: $40.00 (about 2") Eibl's Angel: $15.00 (about 2") FCFS! Looking to clear out this evevning (10 June 2012) All feeding well with Pallets & Frozen Brine Shrimps
  14. Looking for Achilles/ Clown/ Sohal Tang. If u hv one any side to rehome. Pls SMS me 9616 4446. Tnx!
  15. Hi guys looking for a powder blue tang, preferably in area of northeast of bedok/east coast area. Cheers Chan can drop me a text or whatsapp at 9one77zero622
  16. Tang for bid Size: 2.5 inch biddding close on sunday 11/03/2012 at 2359 src hr,highest bid WINS ! all bidding on this thread,no bidding tru PM pls STARTING price $1
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