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  1. Selling the following items: Livestock - 1 x snowflake clownfish ($50) - 1 x blue hippo tang ($30) - 1 x potter's angel ($40) - 1 x fire urchin (to be given away to those who buy) Equipment - 1 x hailea chiller HS90-A ($250) (not used much) - 2 x AI-Hydra 52 HD white ($1000 for 2) - 1 x maxspect gyre 250 ($100) - 1 x gyre (similar to maxspect, forgot the brand) ($30) Tank ($300) - 5 x 2.5 x 1.5 feet - teak wood cabinet - sump and pipings included! Reason for decomm: going overseas for a long time :( PM me for contact/details! Thanks! Note: all fishes have been with me for 2-3 years, equipment about 2 years. Most items bought secondhand.
  2. Hi! After many years decide to restart my tank so gonna clear the corals slowly. Collection is at Pasir Ris , whatsapp me at 83231723 Candy cane small - $25 Candy cane large - $50 large wall neon green frogspawn - $100 mini colony banana Lokani $60 Plates: Orange - $60 Red - $120 Green - $60 Large watermelon favia - $120
  3. Decommissioning my 3feet tank. Well taken care of Equipment and cheap Live Stocks to go at solid rock bottom price for the condition of items. All items condition at 8/10 - Cleaned weekly | Used for less than a year | -2 due to normal usage | Do feel free to drop me a text if you have any inquiries or would like to see photos!! - 9653 8710 Equipment 1) Kessil A80 Tuna with gooseneck - $115 2) OCTO ( Reef Octopus ) HOB Bh-90 - $130 3) Fluval FX4 Canister filter - $200 | Free Delivery | 4) Maxspect Gyre XF130 - $140 5) 3ft Tank ( Eurobracing ) - $40 | To go last | Live Stock 1) Foxface 4" ( $6 ) 2) Powder blue tang 6-7" ( $30 ) Free delivery if the purchase is $200 or above. Pickup Location at Bishan Mrt
  4. Dear Reefers, I'll be decomming my 4ft x 2ft x 2.5ft FOWLR Tank and convert to turtle tank for lower maintenance due to ongoing poor health which requires medication and treatment. Hence I cannot physically maintain the large tank and will have to decom partially to cut some losses. Fortunately I still have my nano reef tank which is really easy maintenance as compared to this monster. The tank was contracted to The Fish Channel (TFC) and commissioned in Dec 2014. I'm looking to sell the following items: 1: [No Copper] Premium Grade Live Rocks with Coralline Algae Supply from TFC (refer to attach pictures) - more than 50kg, S$500 2: Hailea Chiller 1/2HP HS90A with feed pump and hose (plug and play) - S$350 3: Bubble Magus Curve 9 - S$200 4: Jebao WP25 - S$20 5: Fishes - Most will be FOC with purchase (only available after Live Rocks are sold) 6: Live sand - FOC (Reefers are welcome to scoop after LR and fishes are removed) [there should be 5 super tongan nassarius snail among the live sand] Please pm for contact details. Please bring own pails, containers, plastic bags, etc. Collection at Yishun.
  5. Letting go the below balance. Thank you to the bros who supported my decomm. Buy more for discount! Pls pm me for details and my number. thanks! Tank set----------------------------------------------$200 (FOC 2 brand new ball valves + RIO 12HF pump + Live Rocks + Reef Salts + new reef sand) Cabinet L x B X H 30 inches x 30 inches x 30 inches Sump L x B X H 25 inches x 20 inches x 16 inches Main tank 12mm normal glass (Bean animal overflow) L x B X H 30 inches x 30 inches x 12 inches Lighting eshine 48 x 3W bridgelux Leds--------$180 (FOC Hanging rack but you need to drill your own wall) Size: 300x260x60mm 1 big fan for effective heat dissipation. 2-power cords with 2 Dimmers to control Blue channel and the other colors. All leds are BRIDGELUX. Channel 1 24 x 3W Royal Blue Channel 2 6 x 3W Blue 10 x 3W 12000K cool white 2 x 3W Red 2 x 3W Green 4 x 3W UV Baby Fish dosing pump 3 channel --------$50 (bundle with tubs of mg,ca and kh at $80, FOC 5L containers) 3kg tubs of Mg, Ca, KH mix ----------------$50 Skimz FR 1 large 1 small -------------------$50 Eheim 1262 2 years warranty left by madpetz ------$170 Pump Rio 12HF------------------------------$20 PH pen ----------------------------------------$20 TDI tester--------------------------------------$20 ROWA 1000g left 70% ---------------------$40 Tropic marin Special pro mineral 1800g left 90% ----------------$40 Red Sea Color Color ABCD 500ml left 60%------------------------$50 for all 4 bottles Live rocks at least 20kg----------------FOC if buying any one item Candy cane more than 15 heads--------------$30, (FOC the below) Non branching hammer (one part is damaged due to under exposure to lights) Green gonio Half skeleton gone but recovering well
  6. Hi all, i will be decomming my current tank to make way for a newer and bigger tank hopefully by end year. Pls support! As with all decomms, I am hoping to sell everything at one go but if that fails I will be selling as per below sequence: 1. corals 2. rocks 3. fishes, all of them feeding on formula 2. 4. equipment 5. main tank As i do not have time for pictures, I will be having an open house this Friday and Sun. Location Pasir Ris Dr 6. Feel free to come and take a look, stick around make a friend or two! Timing from 11am till late but please text before coming to make sure i am home. Reserve only with non refundable deposits as I have seen too many pilots. Special price for everything: $1700, i will throw in whatever i can find for you FOC. pls engage own mover. SGbros is good. Tank set 250 Cabinet L x B X H 30 inches x 30 inches x 30 inches Sump L x B X H 25 inches x 20 inches x 16 inches Main tank 12mm normal glass (Bean animal overflow) L x B X H 30 inches x 30 inches x 12 inches Lighting eshine 48 x 3W bridgelux LEDs 200 Size: 300x260x60mm 1 big fan for effective heat dissipation. 2-power cords with 2 Dimmers to control Blue channel and the other colors. All leds are BRIDGELUX. Channel 1 24 x 3W Royal Blue Channel 2 6 x 3W Blue 10 x 3W 12000K cool white 2 x 3W Red 2 x 3W Green 4 x 3W UV Wavemaker RW8 x 2 100 Hailea HS28A 1/10 HP 180 Skimz SM121 skimmer 120 Baby Fish dosing pump 3 channel 70 3kg tubs of Mg, Ca, KH mix 50 Skimz FR 1 large 1 small 50 Eheim 1262 2years warranty left by madpetz 180 Pump Rio 12HF 30 Refractometer 30 PH pen 30 Test kits for alk, mag, cal, nitrate and phosphate 40 5 stage DI kit with spare DI resin, Carbon and other blocks to last at least 1 year 180 3.5 inch fat yellow tang 40 pair of ocellaris 10 Powder brown tang 25 2 inch flame angel 50 Live rocks at least 20kg 50 Frogspawn bigger than palm size 70 Hammer more than 5 heads 40 hammer non branching 40 Green gonio Half skeleton gone but recovering well 15 Candy cane more than 15 heads 60 miscellaneous items such as rowa and additives to be posted later date.
  7. Guys, I just bought the above to catch my fishes for the recently decomm, is made in acrylic, size 40x17x25cm height, comes wif a center divider. Bought at $45 sell at $30 best price. Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 96493294
  8. Guys, I hv the above LED lightings n parts to clear, all will go cheap at $180. Those who interested pls sms 96493294.
  9. Guys, Found the above in my storeroom, fired b4 but surely not a old bulb. Buyer must use ur lighting here for testing as I cannot test for u. Sell cheap cheap at $40. Hp 96493294
  10. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8xcnRph778&feature=youtube_gdata_players Hi guys, I have the above to get go, with me for 3yrs but still in good condition. Selling at $250 for fast deal. Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 hp 96493294
  11. Hi guys, I hv one more above tank to let go, very good condition, sell at $80 only wif e t5 lighting. Blue color
  12. Hi, Due to overseas work posting and family commitment, I have decided to decomm and leave the hobby temporarily till I've settled again. Really hoping for your support as I have to clear them urgently within a week or two weeks time. Full reef set-up to let go and will be clearing them by sequence (corals then fish and last the equipments). CORALS LIST: For SPS: -Rose Millie Colony ($50) -Birdsnest colony ($30) -Staghorn ($30) -Purple Pocci Colony ($50) -Hawkins Green Echinata ($30) -Forest Fire Digitata Colony ($50) -Blue Acro Humilis ($30) -Purple Millie ($30) -Radioactive Pocci Mini Colony ($30) -(2x)Red Montipora ($20 each) -Turquoise Monti ($20) -Full rock of Meteorite Shower monti ($30) For LPS: -True Octo ($50) -Torch 6-8 heads ($30) -Neon green Goniopora ($30) -Yellow plate coral ($20) -(3x) Trachyphillia ($20 each) -(2x) Acan ($20 small/$30 big) -Aussie Duncan 3 heads ($30) -Metallic Green GSP ($15) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FISH LIST: -2.5in Yellow tang ($30) -2in Blue tang ($25) -True Perc Clown ($10) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EQUIPMENTS LIST: Customised Tankset with Cabinet (W)2ft x (D)2ft x (H)1.5ft - plus 5in Depth backflow/IOS *8mm thickness *euro buttom bracing *cutomised, you have option for sump or IOS *can include customised sump (18in x 14in x 12in) but you have to do the pipings *customised reinforced cabinet with lamination *can include 8-10 way socket *for return pump can include atman pump 3000lph if using IOS Selling at $300 Customised 6x 24W T5HO Lightset *6X 24W T5 with Almost new, 1month ATi Tubes (3 ATi Blue Plus, 2 ATi True Actinic, 1 Ati Purple Plus) *Powered by 3 Philipps HO Ballast *Individual reflectors *Waterproof endcaps *All Aluminium Bracings *Hanging Kit and mount Provided (maxspect) *Timers provided Selling cheap at $150 Resun CL250 Chiller *Well Kept and good condition Selling at $150 Bubble Magus NAC 3.5 Skimmer *Running but need to replace impeller Selling cheap at $50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Corals and Fish, kindly bring your own pail, bags or container. Self-collection only For the tankset, please get your own transport or mover. For Equipments, Self-collection only -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: All will be based on FCFS basis, unless full payment has been made. This is to avoid pilots... Self-collection only at my place in Pasir Ris (510208). Kindly PM me if keen. Again, thanks for your interest and support for my urgent decomm.
  13. Hi fellow reefers, I am writing this sales post with a heavy heart. After just having started my 'upgraded' tank, a big change in my life happened... going to be a poor student. To cut the story short, I am not able to continue with marine keeping and have to go back to freshwater keeping. Thus, I will be letting go of the following items to reefers that can used them to its full potential. I will be back. just... not now. 1) VERTEX Omega 150 skimmer (Internal) $450 - Running for only 1 month. - 9.5/10 condition. No scratches. - Still got box, manual, all parts and WARRANTY from dealer. (receipt provided) 2) DD H2OCEAN Pro Formula Reef Salt $60 - 23kg Bucket. - 70- 80% Balance. - almost 1 month open. 3) HAILEA HS28A 1/10hp Chiller $100 - 1 year old. total run time 10 months +/-. - Still running well no complaints. - Best for 2ft tank and below. - DIY changed to 3 pin plug. All items (except for salt) are washed clean, wiped dry, packed and looking new. Erm... salt bucket looks very new... Items are slightly negotiable. Add $20 for each item if you require delivery. Contact me (Joe) at 97980202 for more info/ Pictures. (Don't call. I cant pick up when I'm at work.)
  14. Guys, Now is time to let go all my corals, mainly lps n zoas. Open for viewing on Sat morning n afternoon, Sun at late afternoon n evening. As too many to list so welcome to pay me a visit. Please bring your container n some water... very precious now... haha... Those who interested with the 6ft x 2.5 x 2.5 tank n equipments can come to view too. Merry Christmas!
  15. Hi Guys, Here balance with some magazines after decom, interested please sms me at 96493294, all at $30.
  16. Hi guys, I hv the above to let go, Collection at Blk306B Punggol Place S822306 contact me at 96493294 Pump is mounted under skimmer body to reduce heat exchange to tank Uses metric plumbing parts Dimensions: 8" x 3.25" x 17" Manufacturer rates skimmer for tanks up to 125 gallon Selling at $150.
  17. Guys, I hv many extended three points socket waiting for grab, price from $10-$20. hp 96493294
  18. Hi guys, I hv the above clearing at $15, used for rowa n served me well, not for fussy buyer of course.
  19. Guys, I hv many above wavemaker for sale, there are: 1x Sun Sun JVP-101 with magnetic holder 4x Sun Sun JVP-102 (only 3 with magnetic holder) 2x Sun Sun JVP-202 without magnetic holder 1X Koralia Hydor K-4 with magnetic holder Without magnet @$5 With magnet @$10 K4 @$30 Collect at: Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 Hp 96493294
  20. Guys, I hv two of the above clearing at $20 only.
  21. Guys, I hv the above for sale, controller can only ctrl one wavemaker, maybe u know how to resolve. Sell cheap, pls pm as I not yet decide the price yet. Collect area: Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 Hp 96493294
  22. guys, Time to clear my equipments, first to go is the above at $250 only. Deltec PF601. Hp 96493294
  23. guys, Bal. Rocks enough for 2ft tank at $20 only.
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