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My Humble 4ft Tank update photos


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Its been a really long time since I posted my tank photos. Thought I just post some pics now.

Mine is just a humble 4ftx2ftx1.8ft with 3ft sump.


Ammonia: Undetectable

Nitrite: Undetectable

Nitrate: 25ppm

Phosphate: Undetectable

Calcium: 420ppm

Dkh: 10

PH: 8 ~ 8.4



2x150W Saki 20000k (main lights)

2x54W Blueplus T5 (main lights)

1x150W Radiums (DIY clip on supplement)

1x36W Corallife artinic (supplement)

DIY Korallin Calcium Reactor

DIY Kalkreactor

TUBBY auto water top up

TS12 TUNZE single controller wavemaker

HnS Skimmer (rated for 400L) Upgrading to mother of all skimmers soon.


5 Princess Anthias

1 Yellow Tang

1 Purple Tang

1 Midas Blenny

3 Fire Gobies

1 Lyretail Anthia

1 8 line wrasse

1 Sunburst Anthia

1 Bartlet Anthia

1 Orchid Dottyback

1 Flame Angel (almost forgot about him...fat and blood red)

2 Cleaner Shrimp

1 Blood Shrimp


Too many to name....

Yeah its kinda crowded isn't it? hehehe

What I feed:


1/2 Litre Home grown phytoplankton

Nori/Mysis/Cyclopeeze/Selco mix x 4 times a day

Every 6 days:



NIL....I used to dose alot of things but now stopped and I don't notice any difference so I decided to save the money from now on.

I like fat fishes....

Ok here are my tank photos:


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For the past 2 months I have been trying out acro frags......the shit brown acros were given to me by good friends. Now they have coloured up slightly under my 150W MH. I really believe in the right Kelvin for bulbs and it seems SAKI 20000k really works. But still 250W would have definitely brought faster results. These took 2 months to show slight colors.

The pink birdsnest is 3 weeks old, the blue acro on the left is from the last PR shipment.

I am still looking for frags to widen my collection. I find it very fulfilling to not only be able to keep my corals healthy but to watch them grow. Its a kind of personal challenge.

Pink Birdsnest


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The rest of my acro on the MH intense cliff. I have to thank Rumor for helping me with the landscaping. The cliff effect was on my itinery for a long time. Now I wish I had more space for more acro frags.

The centre small blue acro frag was kindly given to me by our dear AT. (PS. He is the only good friend who actually gave me a coloured frag......hahahhaha ok ok just kidding before the shit brown friends...erhm I mean frag givers kill me.) ;)


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Morgan also gave me alot of frags and without his kind encouragements, I would never have ventured into acro territory. I learnt to love keeping acros and appreciating their beauty. I still am far far off as a acro newbie. Hope to learn more from the experienced acro fanatics...erhm I mean fans.... :P

I started out my tank mainly because I love clams. As you can see from my clam collection. However, I still can't get my hands on better quality clams such as tear drops etc.

Clam pair


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Hi Cookiemunster,

I think you tank is great! Love your clams...


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you really have a beautiful setup there!!! Love those clams and sps...veri nice pink birdnest you have there as well!!!

I always like that,but not sure whether it is veri tough to keep. :wub::wub::wub:

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Thanks for all the kind comments.

My tank was setup since July last year. So its still quite young. Initially I went through the heavy diatoms stage which is unavoidable of all new tanks......in which my tank started looking like a planted tank with bubbles rising. That lasted 3 months. Now I guess its quite stable. But I do regular water change of 2 pails once a month. Getting lazy actually. :lol:

My clams were from the first PR shipments. The best of the maxima lots for a long long time. They have all grown quite alot since then. 2 levels of new scutes (white growth on shells). Even the small clams which are from LCK110 have new white scute growths and its very satisfying to see the small clams grow. Big maximas have been in my tank for about 6 months. The small clams about 2 months. The 2 giant squamosas have also grown new scutes and 1 of them even has pink sponge growing on its shell and getting bigger every day. The derasas have doubled in size since I got them 6 months ago too.

I have in total:

9 small maximas

5 PR ultra grade maximas

2 derasas

2 giant squamosas (which do not belong to me)

1 medium squamosa

1 small crocea

I guess the calcium demands in my tank are really high with all the clams, sps and coralline growth. Which is why I am using both a calcium reactor and a kalkwasser reactor. But I am in the process of upgrading my calcium reactor too.

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