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Species names of Designer sps

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Good Sunday Everyone !

I have something to say !!!

As you all know, sometimes we are sick of Sps ID , especially Designer names aka Market names.

I agreed, Designer names are awesome and I loved their names too.

But theses sweet names rarely come along with full information for you to take note.

It's not always easy to know what species do you have, unless you are experienced reefer or somebody guided you for your new frags

Hence, I'm starting this thread to share & learn the Species name of Designer sps from our local markets in our community.

Last, I'd like to invite every reefer to participate this thread.

I'm very glad and much appreciated to you all.

with love, :)

Lin Ko

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# 10 -

Designer Name : Aussie Strawberry Short Cake *

Species Name : Acropora Microclados

* many different varieties

Some photos from my posts are mine and some are from Internet.

*Credits go to respective reefers*




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At the moment, I could only share few species names.

Some sp. names might have needed to be amended.

Your corrections are much appreciated !

I'm willing to learn & Happy to share .

Thank you so much !!!!

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Linko bro.. thank you for such an informative thread.

Welcome Bro!

Actually, my knowledges & my sps collections are very limited.

That's why I need your input as well.

Without the active participation of all reefers here, this thread will be STN sooner. :Lol

Thanks you !

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Bro good idea! Maybe can also share which shipment to get the species from. 8)

The photo was taken from Internet.

But I have same species frag which I got from Fantasy Coral.


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