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ZETLIGHT lighting... :thumbsup:



LFS Map in singapore
·´¯`·.¸. , . .·´¯`·.. >((((º>
Cheers and Happy Reefing....

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Any booth selling live stock?

Was hoping to get a pair of black ice snowflake.

Thank you.

I saw a nice pair of black ice at iwarna booth not sure if it is for sales though. Maybe you can check with them
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Bro how come u can go in so early ? Today open ? Can we go ?

Cos i am in the Aquarama committee lol . Thurs till sat afternnon is open for trade visitor only, public day is sat noon onward. More information here ( http://aquarama.com.sg/visitor-registration)

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Bro thanks for sharing. Any free tickets like in the past?

Do you happen to know is FnM selling fusion 10 tank with discount in Aquarama?

Yes, there is some free tickets but already all given out to supporter of the forum

I think it is best to check with freshnmarine directly for the discount.

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More pic









My little ocean
Mix Reef-Main tank 30 inches Length x 32 inches Width x 18 inches Height
2 X Skim DC return pump
Aquabee 2000 chiller feeder

Hailea 1/2 Chiller
1 X Tunze nano wavebox

2 X EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10W
Deltec skimmer - Internal
Lumenarc 400watt 12K Reeflux

8 X T5 ATI Powermodule
Prolifux control with external touchscreen display
Refugium keeping chaeto

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