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Yuma close up is ok, is not sick. Green yuma are tougher 

Could be many reason, probably you could provide more detail

your yuma closing all day?

new yuma?

By the way, yuma is not LPS, you can post in soft coral section instead.

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Like to seek views and comments on what could have caused this Yuma to close up....could it be light too strong? I am running maxspect razor at max 15%.
Others yumas are doing fine though...
Thanks for any advice.
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From my experience, I would think you can try putting it under shade and try. My yumas had the same problem, they cannot be out in the open, they will shrink and looked burnt. Once I move them into shade, they opened up and some are producing babies.
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Relocate at low flow area and it open open up soon

6.5 * 2 * 2 + 3.75 * 1.5 *1.5,(Decomn on 14/9/08)
4*2*2 + 2.5*1.25*1.25 (Decomn on 1/8/09)
5*2*2 (Fully LED light system, 140 3 watt SSC leds with 60 degree lens)(Decomm)
2.5*2*2(Fully LED Light System,96 3 watt SSC leds with 60 degree lens)(Decomm)

5*2.5*2(LED only)

Eheim return 1 * pump

1 HP Daikin compressor with cooling coil
2 Jebao OW40, 1 ecotech MP40,
1X6085 Tunze wm,

1 CURVE 7 Skimmer

  1 DIY 80 led control by Bluefish mini 

1 radion XR30W G2, 2 Radion XR15G3

Sump area lite by 5 ft T5 , 6 * SSC 3 watt red LED for refugium

1 Full spectrum E27 led light

1 CR control by bubble count

Start No Water Change since 1st Dec 2016

Add new 2.5x2x 1.5 ft 



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I just experienced this as well. Water parameter and lighting all stable, mushrooms all doing fine for months, suddenly over a week, one by one started to shrink and died. Other corals all doing well. I haven’t seen any fish picking on them too. Nothing about normal in the tank. Still puzzled what happened 

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