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Hi Everyone!

Currenly now I'm setting up 2ft tank, but my pH are not reaching 8.5, even I do put increase pH. Its still maintain the same level at around 7.0 - 7.5.
P/s : I do have Live Rock with algae and the algae are dying. B4 i bought the live rock very fresh( Red and Green are very strong color when I do buy on " 4th March 2019 " )

I did setup a tank on 3th March with details description below :

Setup with Salt ( No brand ) + Tape water ( Incl anti clorine ) + One and Only ( DrTim Live Nitrifying Bacteria )

1. Ocean Free Nano 5 Martine Tank ( 60 x 40 x 40 ~ 96Litter )
        a. Filter Layer 1 :  Coarse Bio Foam / Activated Carbon
        b. Filter Layer 2 :  Coarse Bio Foam / Activated Carbon
        c. Filter Layer 3 :  Coarse Bio Foam / Ceramic Ring
        d. Filter Layer 4 :  Coarse Bio Foam / Ceramic Ring
        e. Filter Layer 5 :  Coarse Bio Foam / Bio Wool
        f. Ocean Free Nano Skimmer 
2. Chiller Haile 28A
3. Eheim 2213 ( Blue Filter Pad - Sera Bio Filter Ring - Bio Home Plus - Sera Filter Wool )
4. Sand
5. 4pcs Live Rock

Can I know how to make the pH increase more, and also how long I can start to put coral and fish ?





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1. pH levels of 8.5 are, to begin with hard to maintain- most already struggle getting it to 8.3. Aiming for at least 7.8 is more realistic in your case. 7.8-8.4 is the recommended range. trying to speed up the pH increase process might be dangerous for your existing livestock too, as the sudden rapid change can cause them a lot of stress.


2. My guess is the algae on your rock is dying due to the lack of nutrients(i.e Ammonia/nitrite/nitrate & phosphate) and/or sufficient lighting to sustain them


3. Tank Cycling usually takes anywhere from 4-30 days depending on the amount of bacteria available to process a given amount of ammonia and nitrite to nitrate, but with the bacteria added, it speeds up the process- though personally I’d give it 2 weeks.


Best bet is to add a small piece of prawn meat to the tank, let it sit while you add bacteria to the tank and measure ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels. When you see 0 ammonia and nitrate and measure some nitrate, your tank should be ready for fish.



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