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My 3.5ft own build tank


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On 8/18/2020 at 11:04 PM, Rasheedh said:


Hi everyone...i am newbie here who started just early this year with a help of a nice bro from here too..currently just having a small nano tank and i thought why not go for a bigger one haha...so i planned to build a rimless 3.5ft tank with a cabinet on my own and wanted to share this long journey with all of you...feel free to correct me if i am going in the wrong way...


The build of the cabinet below





Manage to build the cabinet successfully which took me about a month because was doing it onli on my off days...will say it was tuff as i was doing this the first time and the onli help was youtube haha....stay tune for my tank overflow build ,sump and pipping...i hav a short video on my cabinet structure build , anyone knows how can i upload it...thank you




You can share your video on youtube and then post the link here it will be auto detected as a video display. If you have issue on how to upload, do PM me .. 

Many like me would me keen to see your DIY video .

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