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Decided to write on my weekly supplement manual dosing schedule since had have alot of reefers asking me about it . I dose every monday since it's easier to remember (Starting day of the week). Been using Aquaforest's Life source for the tank. Stated it contains natural mud from the cleanest waters of the pacific ocean to provide corals access to components and minerals. I myself do not know what the ingredients are so I'll try it first for u guys incase u all are wondering whether it will hurt the corals or fishes. It comes in a bag like this for the new 500ml version.
Inside there is a scoop buried in the mud so u need to get your hands dirty a bit to find the scoop... not very innovative of them to provide the scoop like this.
Follow the dosage instructions on their website seeing how many scoops u need for ur tank. For mine I do 3 scoops into my measuring beaker filled with display tank water and I stir it till it's dark brown in color with no bits of debris at the bottom.
Finally, pour the water near the wavemaker to let it get dispersed evenly into your water column. Water should clear after 5-6 hours, no need to worry.

Another product I use is Tropic Marin's Reef Actif
In short basically binds excess nutrients and are consumed by special microorganisms. After using this my corals polyp extension and colors really did improve a lot. I use half a spoon that they provided in the container and mix it with some display tank water followed by pouring into the wavemaker. Very very good product, been using for a few months already so far no side effects.

Lastly is Tropic Marin's Amino Organic.
Same as other amino products on the market, they intensify colors of corals so on and forth. But I just prefer tropic marin products, as I feel their products are less harsh on the corals and their instructions on dosing are clear cut. End of the day, reefers should decide what is best for their tank and not follow blindly in whatever videos or advertisements show them, always do your own research before buying an item.

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Fast forward one month, I added livestock and a bunch of corals from my previous tank to see how everything would fair. Used my nano tank's AI Prime 16HD too for one side of the tank as I was still th

Here's a FTS of the tank after multiple coral and wavemaker placement changes, all being made just to get the correct light and flow pattern. Placing the wavemaker at the tank's back glass just wasn't

Tank has been doing really well the past month. So far 9 months already without water changes. Water is still crystal clear without any tint of yellow or green. Topping up trace elements with Tropic M

Posted Images

Tank will look like this after dosing everything. 🤣
So maybe grab a nice lunch/dinner or go shopping and when you're back, the water will look better than before. Just my 2 cents, don't dose any water clarifiers or stuff that implement massive changes in the water as I believe this hobby requires a lot of patience and dedication. Trust your tank and let nature take its course

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Recently I did convert my redsea tank's ATO to a refugium as I wanted to grow frags in my refugium compartment of my sump so I needed an alternative place to grow chaeto.
First off, I needed a hang on overflox box as I did not want to drill any holes into the ATO tank. I also did not want to go the 2 return pump route as one pump dying could lead to flooding of water which is very dangerous.

I am using a Oase 800 return pump with a J hook pipe to transport water from my skimmer compartment into the refugium

For the lights, I purchased a cheap china brand light which has a timer function!
Very worth it lights I must say considering it has many different led diode colors which is beneficial for the chaeto as it does not only require red lights to grow chaeto. I tied it up using some cable ties and fasten them to the piping in the sump. Lights are in a plastic housing with a metal plate top so the heat is easily dispered upwards. Some diodes are dimmer than the rest as those are the uv diodes.
So far my external refugium's chaeto is growing like mad and I noticed many pods take refuge in there. Glad this project was a success, as I comtemplated for the longest time on setting this up 🤣

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For the corals, these shots were taken after my weekly dosing regime which caused the water to be extremely cloudy for a few hours. After it cleared up, the corals are looking better than before

Ironman Mushroom

WWC Hi-C Cyphastrea

Blue Staghorn

Golden Eye Chalice

Neon Toadstool

Side Angle Shot of the Three Fifty

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