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Found 34 results

  1. Selling a beautiful Elegance Coral from my tank. More information below: Species: Catalaphyllia jardinei Common Name: Elegance Coral Origin: Indonesia Care Level: Beginner Color: Daylight: Mostly beige/pink, with white tipped tentacles. Actinic: Jade green Water Params: Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 26 - 27c Alk / Cal / Mg: Not fussy as long as stable. Size: ~21cm wide (fully opened) ~12cm high (fully opened) Temperament: Non aggressive. Peaceful with small fish, crustaceans and inverts Number of mouths: >6 Diet: Mostly photosynthetic. Weekly frozen Mysis and plankton Characteristics: Acclimated to a medium flow area with medium/high lighting. Exceptionally graceful, long tentacles gives the aqua-scape a lot of motion within the tank. Reason for sale: Outgrown my 50g tank. I think her beauty needs to be displayed in a more appropriate environment. The Images portray the actual specimen. (WYSIWYG) Price: S$90.00. I am located in Holland Village area.
  3. Is it possible to set up a 10 gallon saltwater tank and fill about a quarter of it with my current saltwater tank's water? My current tank is running stable about 5 months already, keeping a zoa colony, a blue leg hermit and a clownfish under 2 normal filters, no protein skimmers no water changes Can i put some of that water in a new tank and add newly mixed water, and start keeping corals in it? am i asking for trouble in some sense? Please help. The reason why I'm gonna start the 10 gal is for a BTA (it'll have a protein skimmer for it) And i wanna put it in when the tank water is 6 months Which, is the main question. if i mix 5 month water and newly mixed water does it still count as 5 month water?
  4. Can someone pls help me identify these purple stuff on my rocks? might it be coralline algae? cuz it started popping up a week or 2 after i bought a zoa colony with coralline algae on its rock.
  5. I suspect my Zoas have zoa pox or something. Please help me identify and tell me what medication i should get! Thanks (if possible also state the price that u know of)
  6. Does anyone have bubble tip anemone frags or small sized BTAs that theyre willing to let go of for cheap?
  7. Does anyone have bubble tip anemone frags or small sized BTAs that theyre willing to let go of for cheap?
  8. i recently fragged a small part of my zoa which was not attached to the base rock (outgrew probbably) it has heads on all sides so i dont know how to attach it to a rock i want to use superglue but if i do, some of the heads would die (cuz face down onto the rock glued) what should i do?
  9. Hi All, I always wanted to know where are the nearest marine fish shops near my location, so I made a google map of the shops based on information provided here. The map is free to share. Sticky if you want. =) http://tinyurl.com/jlfsykb
  10. Hello, I would like to know where I can get a bubble tip anemone that is not too expensive, under $40 around there? Thanks.
  11. Hi all, is it possible to keep green star polyps or mushroom corals in an aquarium without protein skimmer?
  12. Hi all, I am kind of in the need of turbo snails as my tank has some algae on the walls and I want to refrain from putting my hand in there to remove the algae. So does anyone know where to buy turbo snails/any other reef-safe snails at a low price? Low price as in $3 and below.
  13. Hi guys, I have a recently bought clownfish (bought on the 12th of Jan) It is eating well, doesn't rub itself on rocks (means no sign of ich), doesn't do anything weird EXCEPT that it hangs out at the front right top corner of my tank ALL the time, except when feeding and occasionally, moving to the front left top corner for a few seconds (where i have a thermometer to measure the temp). It hangs out at the front right top corner as in it stays there most of the time, but it keeps swimming. It seems to be 'hyperactive' but only staying in that corner. As I'm typing this, it's currently swimming up and down at the front left corner, going to the surface and quickly going to near the substrate at the bottom. So my worry is, why is it not going to the other areas of the tank? (such as the substrate, the live rocks, etc) If you guys need, i can provide a pic. but anyways, does anyone know why it might do this?
  14. Hello to all reefers! For those who use cooling fans to reduce their tank temperature, I'd like to know what brand and type of the fan it is, what your tank dimensions are (length, breadth, height) and how many degrees Celsius was the temperature lowered. Replies are appreciated .
  15. Hello to all reefers! For those who use cooling fans to reduce their tank temperature, I'd like to know what brand and type of the fan it is, what your tank dimensions are (length, breadth, height) and how many degrees Celsius was the temperature lowered. Replies are appreciated
  16. Hello all, anyone knows where to buy corals that are cheap? Like, below $20.
  17. Any tips on how to lower tank temperature without a chiller? I cannot afford one.
  18. It has been 10 over years since I have last kept marine fishes. Finally got my own house last year. Now i have decided to return to this hobby and this time round to start slowly and do it correctly. The below picture are the setup I did 12-13 years ago. I was first introduced to this marine hobby by an army friend. The LFS I went told me that I can use a under gravel system with two external canister to sustain the system. Yes it can be done, but if anyone really want to go deeper into this hobby, it is not very practical in the long run. However the under gravel system did manage to pull through and I was able to get good results (0 ammonia / 0 nitrites / 0 nitrates and some other perimeters good enough to keep hard corals and fishes
  19. Any tips on how to lower tank temperature without a chiller?
  20. I'm thinking of getting a BTA but my fish tank's temp is almost always 29 degrees C, so can i get a bubble tip anemone without worrying that it will die from temperature? I kept a yellow polyp colony before and a hammer coral inside, both lived for a few months fine, before i sold them. So I hope i can get a bta.
  21. Hi guys, Here are some pics of my new 60ltr Eco Marine System (well..... the beginning of what will be a marine system, hopefully). Purchased this IOS system from Jireh on the weekend, it now 6 days old. 5kg Live sand, 5kg live rock (pre-cured), Protein Skimmer, build in return pipe with adjustable/directional output, LED lighting. I'm un-certain of what makes/models the Skimmer and pump are as it was a pre-installed IOS system (will look into it and report once i know). Purchased a chiller yesterday (AL60 - East Coast Marine). Green Algae has just started growing on some of the LR, not sure if its the good kind or bad, will do some testing tonight of water parameters and see whats happening. Was told in the LFS that this particular type of set up you can add l livestock immediately (no thanks), my last Marine Setup back in Australia took me 8 weeks before anything went in the tank. Also have some small white looking ants?!? crawling around the live rock.. hmmm As you can see, i have no idea how the Protein skimmer is supposed to work (advise needed), no foam building up in the catchment area, only water?? And the digital temp reader inside the tank (cheap stick on one) is read 91f (32 celsius) yet my chiller is reading 28 celsius.... STRANGE things happening. Hoping to eventually keep soft corals and just a few marine fish.
  22. Hi all, letting go all of my exisiting equipments, livestocks and the tank itself at a cheap rate to clear fast as I am changing project as I have no luck with keeping SPS . All livestocks have to go first before equipments & tank can be collected, so I seek some understanding from the bros and sis here , thank you. Location is @ Tampines st 81, please contact me @ 97104907 or PM me directly! Live Rocks : About 30kg of aged & cured quality live rocks beautifully covered with coraline and mushroom corals these rocks includes some tonga rocks as well which total costs me alot - $40 Livestocks (fishes): 1)Healthy fat Yellow tang Mid size(first to chiong for food) - $30 2)1xRed & 1xpurple Fire fish living peacefully in this tank for months - $20 3)1 x Beautiful and hard to find Yasha goby - $20 4) 6x Mid size green blue chromis bought from Henry & 1x clown goby - $5 Take all @ $70 FOC some cleaner snails Livestocks (LPS): 1) 15-20++ heads Aussie Duncan growing more heads rapidly (started from 8 heads) -$50 2) Candy Cane coral 1x big head a few baby heads - $10 3) Moon coral grew into many heads healthy and cool looking when it looks for food - $20 4) Mini scoly - $45. Foc 1 small open brain with exposed skeleton but healing back 5) 1 big piece of Green hammer - $30 6) 1 zoas rock with red zoas & a few heads of polar cap zoas - $35 7) Orange Chalice (a little skinny due to my water, need to feed it back to health) - $20 8) Grey Ricodea Yuma bought from Henry - $15 9) 2 Frags of ultra lumi GSP - $35 for both Take all @ $225 Foc some random Zoas on rocks. Equipments: 1) SKIMZ MONZTER SM110 recirculating protein skimmer with Aquabee needle wheel impeller ( can be used both internally and externally) in good working condition skimming large amount of thick junks everytime - $60 2) Multi Media FR 45 Reactor with some left over NP reducing bio pellets - $50 3) Maxspect Razor 120W in tip top condition - $200 FOC 1x aquablue special 1xblue plus t5 tubes & working ballast so you can DIY to add on T5 if you want. 4) Fauna Marin colour elements all 3 bottles about 70-80% full - $40 Tank + Cabinet + Sump 2X2X2 Feet cube tank with hood and sump tank in good condition and no visible water damage, only one small chip at the side of the tank which can't be seen clearly. Beautiful, neat and quality tank which is definitely a keeper to those with space constraints , allowed me to keep many different fishes in it. 12MM quality crystal glass tank with no long or deep scratches. Overall condition - 8.5/10 ( door hinges are rusty but easily replaced) - $200 Overflow is at the back of tank to maximize tank space.
  23. WTB - sands, live rock and salts to start off a 1 feet tank for marine fish keeping for my son. Anyone has extra to offer for such a small tank, do pm me. Preferred Location : Sengkang. Thanks.
  24. Hi all, giving away, left 1-2kg I think. Collect near admiralty mrt at my place. Gd for fowlr tank setups. Pls pm me if u r keen, thks.
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