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  1. Nitrate and phosphate reducer. Unopened pack of 1L. Selling at $50. Collection at Sengkang. PM if interested.
  2. Collection at Clementi. PM me if interested. Thanks
  3. 1. Filter sock holder mount and filter sock - $10 2. Ceramic reef plugs (18 pcs) - $5 3. Ceramic reef disc (10 pcs) - $5 4. Maxspect G2-400 160W - $50 5. Skimz dosing liquid container - $25
  4. All items collected. Thanks.
  5. Update: Light has been collected. the rest is reserved for collection tmr. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Hi, have the following to clear. Collection at Clementi. 1. Maxspect Razor 160W - $20 * only channel A is working, channel B can’t be switched on for some reason. So only half the leds can be switched on. 2. Eheim 1002 pump - $5 3. Maxi-jet MP 1200 - $10 4. Reactor - $15 5. Bubble magus c7 Skimmer - $30 6. Maxpetz 5 stage RO/DI unit with booster pump - $40 *all media needs to be replaced, pressure gauge is not working, but doesn’t affect operation. Pm me if interested. Thanks.
  7. Letting go of tank+sump+cabinet+hood for free. Tank has already been drained. Will probably need to clean up the tank and change out the rusty hinges and it will be good to use again. Tank was used for around 6/7 years. Custom made from Irwana with good quality cabinet wood structure, so I believe there’re still many more good years to go for the tank set. Taker to arrange for mover to dismantle and transport the tank/sump/cabinet. pictures as attached. PM if interested. Will dispose if no takers by 2 May.
  8. Thanks for the interest. The rocks have been collected.
  9. Bro ,can I have the rock? Tks HP 97963982

  10. Rocks already out of tank. 1 big and 1 small pail full. Strictly for collection at Clementi today. Pm if able to collect today. Thanks.
  11. Received lots of interest. Will go down the PMs according to time received. Sales closed for now.
  12. Decomm-ing my tank. Letting go purple tang and clown fish at $10. Purple tang’s fins is torn, but very active and healthy otherwise. Both feeds on New Life Spectrum pellets readily. Pm if interested. Feeding video FullSizeRender.mov
  13. Sold. Thanks for the interest.
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