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  1. Not using any fan, will monitor the temp. Weather quite cool nowadays. Also wanted to keep it as a low budget setup. If it quite any hotter then I will need to get a fan. Wondering how long do u guys cycle your tank, cos my tank size is really small?
  2. Actually I'm thinking of buying some colorful zoas that already comes attached with live rock. But then I scare I'll kill it. Thinking of keeping 1 yellow clown goby, cos I think they r really cute.Thanks for the advice.
  3. I juz set up for fun, never really measure the temp. But I think should below 30deg cos nowadays weather quite cool. So far I've only tested NO3 & the reading is zero. As for bacteria, only added some liquid filter medium.
  4. Still thinking about whether to add live rock due to the confine space? Also considering about keeping some colourful zoas and maybe 1 small fish.
  5. Hi all, I'm starting a really really small pico tank, Azoo 6" Cube with HOF. Hoped to get all the expert's advice on this. So far, I put in a small filter bag of coral chips and some filter wool in the HOF. Some fine grains coral chips as the substrate. The tanks has been cycling for a week or so here's how it looks,
  6. Nice corals and fishes u have in your collection.
  7. So what's the condition of your tank right now? Hope to see some pics soon.
  8. Can PM me where u get ur fishes and the price as well.
  9. I used to have one but didn't survived for long. They are nice fish to keep though.
  10. Does the yasha need to be kept together with the shrimp? Will it survive without it?
  11. U can find a tank maker to do this or u can find someone who knows plumbing to do it. But the easier way to go to Tank maker to custom make your own design or purchase a ready made model thats comes with cabinet and sump.
  12. Wow, what a young reefer? Will be waiting to see your tank pics.
  13. ya, should be for the Marine Life Park in Resort World.
  14. ok, is using synthetic salt ok for the wc? Cos someone suggested to me the stress is caused by synthetic salt and asked me to use NSW. Currently i'm using brightwell neomarine salt.
  15. Mine is only recently after i changed to LED lights and also due to insufficient calcium. These pratas think with me for 1-2 years liao. Sad leh.
  16. The trachy started to decay, so i have to throw away. The Prata still the same, no improvement. Some of my LPS, mainly Pratas has some white threads forming on it, not really a lot but I think its prevent it from expanding. Anyone seen this condition before?
  17. I saw one isopod in the sand bed before. BTW I only have one Mystery wrasse and one Flasher fairy wrasse. In what way will they affect my LPS? So far never see them nip at my corals.
  18. My nitrates ard 0.2mg/L, yeah they r from G.O. But this prata i've kept for quite some time before it become like that. Dunno why?
  19. 3 of my LPS, namely 2 pratas and 1 trachy are showing signs of stress (spider web like strings growing on top of the flesh near mouth areas) Can anyone tell what's the cause of it? My Ca is around 420mg/l and KH approx 10.2-10.6dkh. Before that I'm having some problem with one brand of test kit telling me my Ca 450mg/l til I used Salifert's which is showing me my calcium is actually 300mg/l. Dunno if this is the cause of it? Of the 3 LPS, 2 of it is badly stressed while the 3rd one is just starting to show little threads on its flesh.
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