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  1. Selling DE lighting t5ho 5ft 6-tube light set on behalf of customer at $250. ATI tubes included. Used less than a year. Viewing and collection at The Fish Channel. thanks
  2. Display Tank package deal at $1288. -Used 2ft cube 12mm 4sides US crystal glass main tank. -comes with sump tank, cabinet and hood. -zetlight zt6500 LED -jebao dct8000 return pump. -bubble magus curve 5 skimmer -Arctica 1/5 chiller with feed pump. -delivery and piping installation included Kindly view at our showroom at Blk 81 Macpherson Lane #01-57 S.360081
  3. Maldives Shipment arrived at The Fish Channel Powder-Blue Tang Guttatus Tang Lieutenant Tang Clown Tang Sailfin Tang Moorish Idol Dracula Goby Flame Goby Fire Goby Pink-bar Shrimp Goby Exquisite Wrasse Adorned Wrasse Vroliks Wrasse Splended Leopard Wrasse (Male & Female) Formosa Wrasse Midas Blenny Blue eye Anthias (Male & Female) Phantom Bannerfish Emperor Angelfish Regal Angelfish (XS to L) Yellow Hogfish Opercularis Hogfish
  4. The Fish Channel new Shipment (Caribbean) French angel (ML) Queen angel (SM-XL) Rock beauty (ML-L) Black cap (Gramma melacara) Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto)(ML) Tobacco basslet (Serranus tabacarnensis) Canary blenny Midas blenny (ML-L) (kenya) Blue Reef chromis (ML) Flame hawk (ML) Atlantic Blue Tang (M) Creole wrasses
  5. TFC shipment arrived: Angelfish: Blacktail lemonpeel angel (Centropyge flavissimus x vrolicki) Multicolor angel (Centropyge multicolor) African flame back angel (Centropyge acanthop) Basslet: Royal gramma (M to L) (Gramma loreto) Black Cap basslet (Gramma melacara) Swiss guard basslet (Liopropoma rubre) Damsel, hawk Fish,blenny & Grouper: Jewel Damsel (Atlantic) (Microspathodon chrysurus) Tail spot blenny (Ecsenius stigmatura) Flame hawk (Neocrrhites armatus) Atlantic Coney grouper (Epinephelus fulvus) Others: Cerith snail Cerith Sp. US Ricordea (Ricordea Florida)
  6. Hawaii Shipment arrived at The Fish Channel: flame angel (centropyge loriculus) goldflake angel (apolemichths xanthopunctatus) lemonpeel angel (centropyge flavissimus) ... potters angel (centropyge potteri) griffisi angel (apolemichths xanthopunctatus) emperor angel (pomacanthus imperator) - SOLD multicolor angel (centropyge multicolor) flame wrasse pair (cirrhilabrus jordani) rhomboid wrasse pair (cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis) johnsoni wrasse (cirrhilabrus johnsoni) mystery wrasse (pseudocheilinus ocellatus) bells flasher wrasse (parachienulus bellae) earles wrasse (cirrhilabrus earlei) yellow tang (zebramosa flavescens) achilles tang (acanthurus achilles) kole tang (ctenacheatus strigiosis) chevron tang (ctenacheatus hawaiiensis bartletts anthias (pseudanthias bartlettorum) bluestripe butterfly (chaetodon fremblii) declives butterfly (chaetodon declives) tinker butterfly (chaetodon tinkerii) 4spot butterfly (chaetodon quadrimaculatus) scarface blenny (cirripectes vanderbilti) We are open from 1pm - 6pm tomorrow (on xmas eve, 24th Dec 2015)
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