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  1. Caribbean Shipment Flame Angel Rock Beauty Royal Gramma Black Storm Clown Blue Neon Goby Helfrich's Goby Flame Hawk Achilles Tang (M - XXL) Black Tang (M) White Tail Kole Tang Mystery Wrasse
  2. Dear All, We are taking pre-order for Achilles Tang - small size. Achilles Tang = small size (supplier only indicate S , M or L not in other sizes) Price = $280/pcs (will be cheaper if landed cost is lower) Order = Please PM me with your name and handphone nbr. ( can WhatsApp me at 84482260) Shipment date : will announce later (need to check stock first) Thank-you Steven
  3. Last week shipment, Achilles Tang (XXL) - $550 Royal Gramma = $30-$35 Yellow Tang (S) = $35 Flame Hawk = $45-$50
  4. is your Royal Gramma still available and how much?

  5. Caribbean Shipment Achilles Tang Flame Angel Flame Hawk Royal Gramma Yellow Tang Yellow Head Jawfish Mystery Wrasse Blue Neon Goby Catalina Goby
  6. Caribbean Shipment Achilles Tang (ML) White Tail Kole Tang (M) Kole Tang (M) Flame Wrasse (Pair) Royal Gramma (L) Potter Angel (M) French Angel (M/ML) Queen Angel (ML/L/XL) Flame Hawk (ML) Shipment will only land after lunch time on 9 Jun 17. Price will only be out after landed. No reservation please
  7. Caribbean Shipment Yellow Tang Flame Angel Muti-color Angel Royal Gramma Potter Angel Helfrich's Fishfish Flame Hawk Watanabei Angel Bellus Angel Sunburst Anthias Hybrid Wrasse Wart Skin Frogfish
  8. Australia Corals Acanthastrea Lordhowensis Strawberry Shortcake Fire & Ice Golden Touch Scolymia
  9. Tank Breed Fishes Snowflake Domino Damsel (Hawaii) Fisher's Pygmy Angel Lemonpeel Angel Flame Angel (Pair) - only 1 pair Potter Angel Neon Goby Orchid Dottyback Neon Dottyback Molly Miller Blenny Smith's Fang Blenny Gold Nugget Clown Platinum Clown Longfin Clown Midnight Chocolate Clown Black Ice Clown (Pair) Gold Nugget Clown (Pair) Platinum Clown (Pair) Longfin Clown (Pair)
  10. Hi We have lots of Peppermint shrimp for sale. 201 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718895 Tks
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