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  1. Reserved. Pending collection. Thank you all who have responded.
  2. Stable, eating pellets. About 2 inches $65 Location: Lower Delta Road
  3. Reserved. Tks. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. About 2.5 inches eating pellet $40
  5. is your Royal Gramma still available and how much?

  6. Looking for Chaeto, if you have some extras. TIA.
  7. Does Coralife Salt bucket still comes with the free T-shirts? I'm willing to buy new ones if the price is right.
  8. Sold to a friendly Reefer. Thanks for those who showed interest.
  9. Selling unmated pair of black ocelleris clownfish. Male has symmetrical misbar. Cleaning flowerpot, may lay eggs any moment. $100 Sorry for the poor handphone pic. Preference will be given to experienced breeder. Deal at Lower Delta Road. Please PM.
  10. Aqua Medic Biostar Flotor (never touched water) $200
  11. Helping a friend sell this super rare 4-barbel Violet Fusion Super Red arrowana @$8,000 SGD. This fish has been with him for about 3yrs. It's a 4yr old fish. Expected life span of arrowanas is 20-30yrs in captivity. If the barbel of an arrowana is supposed to bring luck, this will double your luck! PM me your contact number. Serious buyers only.
  12. Eheim 2229 Wet/Dry $100 (w/o media, need to replace 1 o-ring)
  13. Eheim Liberty 2042, HOB filter 320-760 l/h, or 200 gph. I have 4 sets @ $30 each. Condition 8/10, each comes with 2 foam cartridges.
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