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  1. High end magnet cleaner. Algaefree Piranhna magnet cleaner $20 Algaefree hammerhead magnet cleaner with scrapper blade to remove coraline algae too $25 Take both magnet cleaner for $35
  2. Here are the leftover from my tank decomm 4x2x2 tank Chengai wood stand Europe piping with 2 return pump ehiem 1262 and ehiem 1264 and bean animal return p Ti coated cooling cool with thermostat and compressor Skimz skimmer for 1000l tank Full cabinet with hood $400 2 standard container of Kh powder $20 1 standard container of Ca powder $10 Dd deltec salt 3/4 full $30 Kamoer dosing Pump with holder for tube $80
  3. Algaefree Piranha tank cleaner $30 Algaefree hammerhead tank cleaner with blade inside $40
  4. Just realized that this is priced wrongly. $80
  5. Rocks reserved. Light sold. Fish yellow wrasse pair $15 Maldives Blue eye anthias $10 Designer percula clown $70 Adult black ocellaris Australia clown $50 Orange mandarin $25 Reef roids 90 percent left from big bottle $25
  6. Lights and rocks reserved. Kamoer Dosing Pump and ATS still available. Gyre xf 150 - $50 Jebao wavemaker $20 The ben timer $5 Skimz skimmer rated up to 1000l - $350
  7. Ats. It is about 2ft long and support up to 1000l.
  8. Orphek Atlantic v4 with custom made aluminum stand for 4ft tank. Comes with reeflink connect too. $700
  9. Kamor 3 channel dosing pump $150 Algae turf scrubber - $40 Blotchy anthias - adult with good pinkish coloration - $150 (pellet feeding, had it for 2 years) Sunkist anthias - $40 (had it for 2 years, pellet feeding) Yellow tang - $35 Big life rocks - 2ft height by 1ft by 1ft and the other piece is 1ft by 1ft by 1ft. Rocks have algae to need to scrub before placing in tank. Selling cheap both piece for $50. 2 pc enough to fill up 4ft tank, no need to scape. Only able to clear the fish after clearing rocks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Planning to scale down. No time to look after Red gonio with yellow centre $150 Yellow torch : $70 Red cynarina with rainbow edges : $70 Multicolor Brain : $60 Priced to clear as no time to look after tank now Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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