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  1. Dear all, Been awhile since I last posted, decided to quit for gd so not keeping any equipment, quick sale , all items with personal warranty of 7 days , I've been out of the hobby for damn long not sure about market pricing, do advise if it's wrong , 1: mp40es x 2 with driver -600 2: red dragon 6.5m -300 3: Marine magic dosing pump nv used before - 100 4: Reef Angel aquarium controller, -500 5: Hanna calcium checker - 80 6: Hanna alkalinity checker - 80 7: AI Vega x 2 : 600 Please contact me at 8666822three There are more items but There kinda lazy to dig N find will post as I clear the items or when I got the feel to check Non marine items ( mountain bikes) 1: Haro Extreme 2010 DH - $1000 2: GT AVALANCHE 3.0 hardtail - $400 I got too much items I will post as I go thru my items
  2. (1)Deltec kalkwasser stirrer km500 $300 , (2)vortex mp40 $250, (3)korallin CR with ehime pump $250 , (4)jbj auto top up with custom pump $100, (5) Co2 alu tank big 2pc 50each , (6)skimz FR $30, need to clear fast all stuff in good condition price neg intrested pls ring charlie up at 86865274
  3. even if announce also need to wait for maybe 1-2 years for decent games to come out, at least that is what happened to me for both ps3 and xbox360
  4. non in taipei? i wonder wad type of nice corals they have stocks for
  5. i'l most probably be gg bkk on the 11th - 13th of this month but never heard any1 say bkk got gd stuffs before, any idea?
  6. looking at the poster looks more like a dog show. sorry i cant read chinese so duno wads written there, we should also see how we can hook up with the taiwan lfs or some reefer to prevent flying there and see only empty tanks
  7. come lets see if there is more people not? air tix $300+ , hotel depends on how good, maybe if we can get a few more then it be more fun, say 5? 1:dachkie 2: little burger
  8. as topic, pls pm if hav any to let go
  9. get the vaccum from gemsurf, i cleaned my rocks milky white , i was having the same issues, 0 no3 0 po4
  10. If sps tank then 1 mp40 for 3ft will not b enuff
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