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  1. try bioocean, one of the sponsors of this site. they sell NSW. i think you should just reset your tank...
  2. yeah i heard this before... damn funny. "my colleague just farted and left the room, the bastard"
  4. no lah, i also tio suckered last time. bad mistake http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...ndpost&p=287356
  5. Most men are stupid or horny. Many of us are both
  6. Orbi good! make coral suffer, now you yourself suffer j/k
  7. Thumbs up for Joe. Appreciate his quality products and good personalized service. It's not easy running a small outfit to be able to service all your customers at whatever time and whatever place they want. Glad things worked out in this case
  8. That's a darn good idea... if I ever get to redo the tank with minor reno to the house, I would definitely put the chiller on the other side of a wall... no more heat, noise and unsightly box issues
  9. I want! currently have a black-and-white border collie
  10. Very sudden leh. How come? Sounds like he was unhappy at Arsenal or something...
  11. nice avatar but there's another thread for that topic, dun hijack this one
  12. yeah the problem is nitrates and phosphates in the tap water. but there is no impact on your cycling (which is mostly about ammonia and nitrites) so don't worry. having said that, unless you own RODI, gotta live with tap water loh, like me
  13. your old LRs are definitely doing the ammonia reduction hence the quick ammonia/nitrite spike phases. the DSB will not begin to show much effect until many months down the road, so don't be surprised if your NO3 remains high. in fact 80ppm is rather high you should do a significant water change before introducing LS. actually, you should have changed the water when you reset the tank rather than recycle the old water. if you had done so, with the old LR, your tank would be more or less ready to accept some initial livestock. now, with the high nitrates old water, conditions are not so good
  14. Thursday July 14, 10:19 PM Donors pledge only $6,800 to NKF Cancer Fund during TV show SINGAPORE : Donors pledged $6,800 to the NKF Cancer Fund as of 5pm on Thursday. This is a far cry from the previous shows which raised between $600,000 and $900,000. Despite the 1-900 numbers being kept opened until 9pm, the NKF Cancer Show 3 did not actively canvas for donations. But supporters of NKF turned up in force and packed the TV studio half an hour before the show started at 7.30pm. The "Thank You Show" is the first presented, where no funds were actively raised on-air, but fans of foreign artistes like Jeff Zhang were not disappointed. In the past few years, NKF has expanded its fund-raising efforts beyond just kidney, to include children and cancer patients. - CNA
  15. yes i'd like to think so too, but it appears that this could also be part of a well-orchestrated Govt coup to take down NKF after years of putting up with the rotten-ness inside. 1) Davi is MM Lee's lawyer and a PAP MP. You really think he would be allowed to tear the heart out of NKF so publicly knowing the likely consequences, without some high-level green-light from the powers that be? 2) You think that ST's article would have been allowed to stand and this thing dragged all the way to court (with the obvious outcome of dirty linen being aired) without the same kind of high-level green light? SPH is Govt owned, don't forget. 3) The way SPH quoted Mrs Goh and put her unflattering photo (walking beside Durai) almost feels like an "ambush" job, to deliberately reveal her influence in NKF and opinions about the way things there are run. Sounds like 1 year after GCT steps down and LSL takes over as PM, the house-cleaning of rotten institutions has begun! Khaw Boon Wan today said they would not tear down NKF just to rebuild because things are not "rotten to the core". In order words, only some parts are "rotten". This is the most blatant Govt signal yet, from one of PM Lee's personally appointed Ministers, that the view from the (current) Govt is that there is indeed something rotten in NKF. PM Lee himself, in an soundbite from the US, aired over the radio this morning, said that he would not rule out a board of inquiry. They are serious on this matter.
  16. No, the real stupid thing besides that remark is the one where she said that because they have huge reserves, they can pay him a lot.
  17. Price of gold plated taps : $990 Price of german toilet bowl: $1100 Salary of Mr NKF: $600,000/yr All these being exposed in Day 1 of court: Priceless Some things in life, money can't buy. For everything else, there's NKF.
  18. please, every since a certain out-of-touch-with-non-rich-people woman opened her mouth and said $600,000 is peanuts, it has all become politically sensitive. People in Govt might want to take action but kena sabo because of stupid remark, now have to tread carefully to not make her look stupider than she already make herself look.
  19. Once again, we have hit the headlines of international newspapers http://today.reuters.com/news/newsArticle....-CHARITY-DC.XML
  20. No. A patron is someone who is well-connected and influential and will help to push the organisation's case to get things done. E.g. show up for fundraisers, get rich people to contribute, etc etc. Sort of a high-profile father figure (or mother-figure) in this case to get things done at a higher level.
  21. 1) NKF will have to pay the legal fees of SPH and the Court fees. They started the claim and now withdrew it, the court will definitely order them to pay costs. And yes, since it was a suit by NKF (Durai is not stupid) it will be paid for out of NKF funds, i.e. OUR MONEY DONATED TO THEM. 2) NKF initiated the defamation suit. They can withdraw it without "offering" any money to SPH. The Board of Directors do not have to take the stand, the suit is over. This is exactly their intention, to do damage control and prevent more bad info from being leaked out. 3) Yes, they probably won't do anything as Durai said that he only travelled first class (on NKF money) after 1998. 4) The case is closed. The plumber won't be called. Except maybe by the New Paper
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