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  1. you eat enough of the KFC from rehearsals you will sian also, trust me and yes, the fireworks were solid tonite!
  2. generally people say 8 hours is the proper amount of sleep.. but lots of people i know have been able to get by just fine with a lot less. Not sure how healthy they are but they seem awake I know someone who cannot sleep more than 4 hours a night... when he does, he will automatically wake up and cannot fall asleep again and someone once sent me an article on an interesting research experiment done in the US. This person slept 1.25 hours A DAY for 6 months and was ok. What he did was sleep 15 MINUTES every four hours, regularly around the clock. Amazing. But this was a controlled experiment, not sure if it means we all can do it. It would certainly be disruptive to normal activity. "Sorry boss, have to leave the meeting now, gotta nap!!"
  3. well if you have a dispute you might want to give a call to the mediation centre. dun call police, unless there is an actual offence they will most likely not chup your case. http://www.minlaw.gov.sg/cmc
  4. Note that the location of the fireworks is different this year... the parade is at the padang not at the stadium. Don't park your car in the wrong place hor! Else nothing to see... end up have to do other things in the car loh
  5. of course if you're actually in the padang that's the best view apart from that esplanade is a good place to be... you get to see both the flypast and the fireworks as well. Note that there will be a brief series of aerial maneuvers by F-16s this year, not just the standard bomb-burst formation.
  6. don't think so... nothing on the tickets says that it is not transferable. Selling has been going on for years.
  7. hey bro have you settled on which car to buy?
  8. you should post which sector the tickets are for. that will give a better idea to people of how good the view is, and therefore, what they will be prepared to pay.
  9. Go and take a look at other forums HWZ, clubsnap, etc etc and you will see it is much more fierce. They don't have heavy hand clan there BH is right about this being the same thing AT raised in another thread some time ago. I personally think it is down to 3 main reasons: 1) SIZE. SRC is really really huge now, so more strangers, less closeness between members. Like being in the national stadium is so much less friendly than being in a small kopitiam with a bunch of friends. 2) EGO. Lots of people have strong opinions on various subjects and get into heated arguments to defend their positions/actions. 3) MONEY. People have been resorted to dirty tactics to sabotage the business reputation of their competitors. Like it or not, SRC is a place where there are a lot of potential customers, and people will make use of it to make money, not matter how they do it. Also, there are shady characters creeping in to try to cheat/con people... this makes everyone else extra cautious and wary, leading to increased unhappiness and friction in SRC as a whole. What to do about it? No idea. Might as well say how to end all wars in the world.
  10. here we are talking about ozone and UV. do you know that because of our thinning ozone layer, we are exposed to much more UV nowadays?
  11. actually this coming saturday is preview show for NDP. there will be lots of fireworks around 8:15pm-830pm. Stick around esplanade you should get a good view
  12. don't think it's hosted in Singapore, otherwise sure shut down already loh
  13. if you want something cheaper you should aim for something else, perhaps the non-hawaiian yellow tangs which are less than $10. other than that don't expect to get a hawaiian yellow tang on the cheap. might as well ask for someone to sell you a ferrari cheaper
  14. 400 million pounds over 3 seasons? Pls lah, don't think Chelsea even blinks when people overcharge them. In fact, it is a deliberate tactic on Chelsea's part, to artificially inflate all player prices and salaries to either force other clubs out of competition for top players, or to bankrupt them eventually Don't think anybody should have any sympathy for them paying high prices
  15. actually i think momo sissoko will prove to be big hit... think hamann but faster and stronger. and yes, park ji sung looks like he will be a useful addition to Man U... but worry that he looks a little dumb No other big names coming to EPL except if Figo moves over... personally I think he is way way past his prime... useful if he were playing in First Division, but won't be able to handle the pace of EPL. Essien, if Chelsea get him, will be another person to watch.
  16. cheap tangs? don't count on finding any.
  17. unfortunately that was what i had to do as well
  18. there's a recent thread from reborn... they have quite a few from a hawaii shipment
  19. no lah read his post carefully, he is complaining about the personal messages, not your request for pictures
  20. Cyano as nutrient export! That has got to be a first
  21. well if the tang is already 8 inches it means the tank will be too small for it (esp with 5 others). Even if he is heartbroken what to do...
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