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  1. Hi, Thank you for the strong interest from many people. Received many attractive offers but currently the deal is pending collection on Saturday. I am more interested in selling everything at one go. Will post here if it is available again. Thanks! alvin.
  2. Hi, Decided to let go my entire system due to NS commitments. The setup is a 3ft x 2ft x 2.5ft tank with cabinet, chiller, MH lights, T5 Lights, Skimmer, Pump, Sump and etc. Here are the specs: 150W Metal Halides (Mount on celing type) Artica Chiller 1/2 horse (Can't remember the exact HP, maybe 1HP) Schuran Skimmer Aquabee 7000l pump & Jebao 10,000l pump. T5 retrofit 39W ATI Blue Liverocks (Easily more than 50kg) Letting everything go at $500, you have to assist me to decomm the tank and arrange for your own transport. I live in CCK, contact me at 84883633 to deal. Thank you. ***There are 3 holes that are drilled wrongly on the back of the cabinet but no issue if it is facing the back. alvin.
  3. this is very useful, it serves as a guide for us rather than trail and error and end of overdosing..
  4. slowly you will see a tank full of LPS gems.... :eyebrow:
  5. hi, hope i can help. CR is calcium reactor, it require carbon dioxide to burn the CR media and it will replenish calcium in to your tank so that you do not have to dose in manually using the powder or liquid form. FR is fluidised reactor, reefers either use it to eliminate phosphate using phosphate remover media or it can be used to run activated carbon to absorb toxic elements that are found in your water. I would say that if your tank is packed with corals, a CR is a good to have equipment. both equipments served different purposes. hope this helps although there are more detailed explainations..
  6. hi, i decommed this tank 1 year ago....upgraded to a bigger tank... i try my best to ans your qns : 1) yes, i am using a sump, overflow system 2) yes, using resun CL 280 3) my equipments, return pump(hailea 6540) skimmer, weipro 2011 lightings 4xT5s HO
  7. i dont think this idea will work, if the electricity trips, both the chiller will not be working too..
  8. I am using mika filter wool too, the big pack so that i can cut to the size that i want.. If i dont change the filter wool every 2 weeks, it may get choke and my house will flood...
  9. I am looking for powder blue tang(s) at west LFS...anyone spot it?, preferably feeding on pellets..
  10. i thought we are talking about the threadstarter, souphamster?...
  11. i suggest not to jump into a conclusion that fast. why not get souphamster to post a Full Tank Shot plus a close up of the bubble. Since there is no water parameters given, nothing is certain yet, it could be the position that is the problem, it could be due to high flow..alot of factors can contribute to why the bubble is not blooming.
  12. if i am not wrong, red sea should be the cheapest. tropic marin and sea chem should be the most expensive.
  13. dun think there is any instruction manual for the kH test kit...there is the colour comparison printed on the side of the box. drop the liquid till the vial water change colour...
  14. our LFS n LFF do have a constant shipment of sps in lots of varieties....and price is reasonable too... dun think anyone will take the risk to buy online if it can be bought at sps shipments..
  15. i dun think so, if i am not wrong, md55 is pressure rated but ehiem is not..
  16. heyy dude....what do you mean its not the price problem?...from the start of your post, you claim that you can buy another green prata for $30?... even so bro storm did say something unpleasant or whatsover in another thread of yours, it dosent permit you the rights to do the same for his thread too...i remember you did spoil other threads even the thread starter didnt offend you at all.. anyway...many reefers here just cannt tolerate your attitude and crude remarks here, just leave and stop posting anymore. Make SRC a cleaner forum to surf in.. get a life for yourself ya...
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