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Found 19 results

  1. Decommissioning my 5ft tank! Quality items in great condition. - Bubble Magus Insump Skimmer Curve 7 ( 3 mnths old ) | Skims like a champ | $200 - 4Ft Maxspect r420r 300w | Cond 8/10 due to stubborn stand rail. The stand can still be adjusted with a bit of pushing | $300 - Live and dead rocks; mix of large, medium and small pieces. Able to fill up at 5ft tank with plenty of excesses. At least 6 salt bucket worth of rocks. | $100 - Live Sand; Mix of Caribsea Bahamas oolite & Special grade reef sand. Approximately 45kg of it but have not measured. Fills a 5ft to an even 1inch depth | $100 - Live sand + Live/dead rocks | $160 - Refractometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $20 - Instant Ocean Hydrometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $10 * Free Bucket worth of coral chips with any purchase above $100 * * Delivery to your location at my convenience for purchases above $160 * Pm me or please whatsapp me at 9653 8710 if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. 4 pieces of LR to let go. $30. interested parties pls WhatsApp to 81886690 pickup at 520813
  3. Selling all my aquaroche rocks and some assorted small pieces of live rocks. Enough to fill 4ft tank. All for $100. Collect from my place near Admiralty mrt. Pls bring own container. Thanks. Pls refer to pic for reference. Fishes and other inverts not for sale.
  4. Live rocks for trade or s still in tanks reference pics below
  5. Looking for some LRs. About 10kg. Letting go please PM me. Thanks all!
  6. Hi all, Joining back the Dark side and starting a small nano tank. Hence, looking for a kind hearted soul to help a fellow reefer by giving away the following just enough for a 1 footer tank: 1. Few pieces of matured live rocks with coralline algae 2. Live sand size 0 and 1(fine sand) 3 Bacteria to kick start the tank. Would be great if you are residing in Jurong area coz i'm travelling by public. Do pm me directly if you can help with the above.
  7. Want to give 15 kg live rocks, all are dried and BIG rocks more than 1 feet. Kept in store room and forgot for an year Packed everything in an Ikea bag, you need to take all at one go. Collection is at Flora Road. PM your number and i will contact you. Have a wonderful new year.
  8. Dear Reefers, I'll be decomming my 4ft x 2ft x 2.5ft FOWLR Tank and convert to turtle tank for lower maintenance due to ongoing poor health which requires medication and treatment. Hence I cannot physically maintain the large tank and will have to decom partially to cut some losses. Fortunately I still have my nano reef tank which is really easy maintenance as compared to this monster. The tank was contracted to The Fish Channel (TFC) and commissioned in Dec 2014. I'm looking to sell the following items: 1: [No Copper] Premium Grade Live Rocks with Coralline Algae Supply from TFC (refer to attach pictures) - more than 50kg, S$500 2: Hailea Chiller 1/2HP HS90A with feed pump and hose (plug and play) - S$350 3: Bubble Magus Curve 9 - S$200 4: Jebao WP25 - S$20 5: Fishes - Most will be FOC with purchase (only available after Live Rocks are sold) 6: Live sand - FOC (Reefers are welcome to scoop after LR and fishes are removed) [there should be 5 super tongan nassarius snail among the live sand] Please pm for contact details. Please bring own pails, containers, plastic bags, etc. Collection at Yishun.
  9. After another rock scaping, I am left with 2 pails of extra rocks to give away. Please collect asap! Whatapps 98007030
  10. After my rock scaping, I am left with 3 pails of extra rocks est 30kg to give away. Anybody needs them?
  11. Hi all, 4 big pails + 1 big container of live rocks for sales, easily fill up a 5 footer tank, let go at $50, Some are big pieces.. Whatsapp me at 96382799, please bring your own container. Thanks. Colle toon: woodlands. For those who can come collect today for all of them, free gifts given, thanks.
  12. Dear Reefers, I have some rocks that is in my tank for the last 3 months. I would like to sell them for $20 due to decom. I have another pail of dead rocks to give away as part of the sale. You will get some hitchhiker (I feel they are good ones). 1. RBTA - rose bubble tip anemone (attached to the rock) 2. GSP - green star polyps (~ 10) 3. Coraline algae It would be great if you can come today 8pm - 10pm cause I am running lights, chiller, skimmer...etc for the RBTA. ha ha... Please PM me only if you are really keen and can come at the above timing. Thank you.
  13. 1 tank full of mature live rocks for sale. Remove from 2ft x 2ft tank. More than enough for new set up. $25 take all. 91814744
  14. Hi guys, I selling my live rocks at $30. FOC : 7 pcs green chromis. 2 pcs saddleback clowfish. Interested can call me at 85882487 self collection at CCK.
  15. Selling off a few items :- 1. Powerful Aqua Medic Metal Halide Lights - $ 170 2x 150W 240v / 50 Hz , 340 Watt 2. Live rocks $3 per kg got enough to fill up 5ft tank.. 3. live sand FOC interested call 97500999
  16. Hi Readers, I am thinking of drilling live rocks and putting Plastic rods in between to hold rocks in position to form a certain desired looking shape that makes it look like real actual sea reefs where fishes hide in the night or dark and by day come out to play by swimming around it...I am in the mist of searching for transparent plastic rods of different sizes that are sold, friends say get it from Brash Basar Complex where books and art materials are available...i believe them...Q: are there elsewhere that are wholesellers in Acrylic materials that are used for model buildings? next i thought of needing to get the right size drilling bit to do the job. People, any inputs? Regards, Victor
  17. Hi All Readers, Anyone Giving Free Sea Rocks that are live or dried already. I will give free a free drink in return for your kindness. No Fake Rocks Please. Please Post or SMS me @ 81119780. Especially S shaped, Z shaped, C shaped or O shaped looking. Will come down to view it. Regards, Victorcool
  18. Hi All Readers, Anyone Giving Free or selling Cheap Sea Rocks that are live or dried already. No Fake Rocks Please. Please Post or SMS me @ 81119780. Especially S shaped, Z shaped, C shaped or O shaped looking. Will come down to view it. Regards, Victorcool
  19. Hi People, Looking for 'L' Shaped or 'C' Shaped Live Rocks or Dead Rocks...Do let me know... Regards, VictorCool
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