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Found 4 results

  1. As title, pls pm to 9tree888svn4svn. Collection at Admiralty. 7-8pm weekdays, or arrangable on weekend. Thanks.
  2. I bought the following items (most are with photos) at various times of my freshwater and marine aquarium hobby and feel that I should try to get rid of them now to make space at home and to get back some money to buy new stuff. If any of the buyers want some Chaetomorpha algae, I can give them out in palm size bunches while stocks last. The collection point is most weekdays (Mon-Fri) at Hougang MRT/Hougang Mall after 8 pm. Please pm me if you are keen and we can work out the collection arrangment. Let's start with the second hand items. The original prices are in brackets and the prices I am letting them go are after that. I cannot guarantee that all these items are in 100% perfect condition though and they probably need some soaking to get rid of the coralline algae encrusted on them. (1) Bubble Magus Q3 protein skimmer used for 10 months ($160) - $100 (2) TUNZE DOC skimmer 9004 used for 3 months ($179) - $140 The rest are all new items that I have not used before and are still in their boxes and/or wrappers (some are with their original price tags too). If you take more than 4 items, I am willing to give a 10% discount on the items purchased. (3) Ocean Free Z-1000 Air Pump - $7.80 (4) Ada Submersible Pump WA-700 - $14 (5) Boyu FS-602 Cooling Fan - $24 (6) Sunsun Vibration Pump JVP-101 - $37.80 (7) SEIO M820 (3,200 ltr/hr) Super Flow Pump - $47.60 (8) JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker WM-01 - $48 (9) Hailea HX-6830 Immersible Pump - $48.50 (10) Eden 128 Centrifugal Pump - $59 (11) Cherry Aqua - iNano LED light - $189 Thanks everyone!
  3. Hello bro, letting go the below items. Items are bought due to mistakes and almost new so my loss is your gain. Collection: Punggol Contact whatsapp : Open to trading with frags, fish or corals 1. JNS Omega Biopellet Reactor 2 Bought at $150 from here and personally used only for less than 3 days, included is 500ml of NP pellet. Previous bro bought from Madpetz less than a yr and got printscr receipt, condition is 9.5/10. Reason for selling: Footprint too big for my sump Letting go at $100 2. Jebao RW15 wavemaker Bought first hand from my tankmaker in oct, got receipt. Used for 3 weeks, condition 10/10 Reason for selling: too powerful even at the lowest setting as mine is a shallow tank, sick of one corner always bare bottom Letting go at $70 3. Rainbow LED clip light Bought in Nov for refugium but have since bought other lights to replace. Can switch to blue led light. Used for about two weeks in my sump, got receipt. Condition 10/10 Letting go at $15 4. Boyu cooling fan Bought in Nov. initial plan is to serve as backup in case chiller breaksdown. Tried using the fan only for 3 days, very powerful and quiet but needs constant topup of water so decided to let go. Got receipt, condition 10/10 Letting go at $20
  4. Helping a fellow reefer (chuchu) who is a newbie post, pls contact him directly for faster transactions. Here r the items: 1:(60cm-30cm-36cm)tank 2:(45cm-35cm-32cm)tank ALL TANKS HAVE NO SUMP TANK AND IS suitable for a qt tank 3:BM skimmer Q3 hang-on 4:BM skimmer newQQ 5:2 sets of sicce voyager 1 6:sicce External filter whale 120 7:sicce external filter whale 200 8:2 sets of dymax vortex cooling fan w-8 9:aqua zonic 2ft light with one tube of purple-plus from ATI another tube is a aqua zonic actinic blue tube. ANYONE INTERSETED PLS PM (chuchu) OR WHATSAPP 96180120 FOR PICS. Thanks.
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