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Found 9 results

  1. UFO Chalice $100 each UFO Chalice $80 each Orange Yuma L : $28 Orange Yuma M : $38 Hammer N : $58 Tropic Thunder Monti I : $18 J : $38 K Pink torch : $38 God Of Armour Zoa $15 God Of Armour Zoa $20 (Bottom Left Big Piece) Self Collection Woodlands WA 81380138 Thank you.
  2. Wts the following to clear space: - Toadstool (appx 8x6cm) $20 - Red and blue discosoma (combo C) $25 or trade utter chaos zoas - Yuma (about 6) $30 - Orange Lepto encrusted (appx 6cm) $40 - Yellow hammer (2 heads) $65 Deal at dover/bouna vista area.
  3. Self collect 805918 YCK Whatsapp 8threethree2five73five for more info. Toadstools - $10 each Neon green finger leather - $20 each Yuma - $30 each Live rocks A - $20 B - $40
  4. Hi, have some corals (zoas, mushroom and a dark greenish yuma) to clear for weekend. All for $10. Collection 329022. Can beep 96913051 for pics. Thank you.
  5. decommissioning tank got the below corals to let go. 1. Yumas @ $50 - lumi green, opened to about 10cm wide, got a small baby beside. this is on a small piece of rock 2. Yumas @ $50 - single colored orange. counted at least 7 on a single rock 3. Duncans @ $25- 2 big heads n 1 small baby head at the side 4. fox coral @ $30 - size about 15cm 5. ultra acan @ $30 - lumi green. about 5cm x 2cm frag. 5 heads 6. acan @ $40- green. about 5cm x 2cm frag. at least 7 heads 7. war corals favites @ $30 - green. about 5cm x 5cm frag 8. blastos @ $ 120 - red rimmed, lumi green. counted 14 heads minimum. On a big piece of rock all pics taken under white blue n blue only with DD lens filter. WhatsApp me at 81886690 for faster response. pick up at tampines west area
  6. Have 4 pcs of ricordea yuma godzilla for sale. Prices as indicated. Pm if interested. Open to nego if more than 1 pc taken. No reserve. Fcfs.
  7. Hello Fellow Reefers I'm currently looking to sell my one-year-old IM Fusion Nano 10. Comes with all warranty documentation and manuals, original pump, filter sock, skimmer, original tank light, filter chamber along with the awesome accessories listed below. It's worked fantastically to keep a mix of Shrooms, Duncan, Zoas, Blasto, Yumas etc, along with a pair of clowns and a purple dotty back over the last year. FISH, CORAL & CUC PHOTOS/PRICES BELOW. Originally purchased the Tank at FreshNMarine for $750.00++. The tank/pump/skimmer have been completed cleaned, scrubbed down and ready for their new owner. I will also throw in the Accessories below for FREE with the TANK. Pickup available near Great World City / Somerset after 6 pm weekdays or flexible weekend hours. If interested please message me for HP number. TANK + Accessories (All Tank Items MUST Be Sold Together) - $490 Accessories 1x Jebao RW-4 ($65 value) 1x ReefRack 32 - Magnetic Frag Rack ($50 Value) 1x API Master Testing Kit (Only been used 4 times when the tank was started) 1x Hydrometer 1x - Large Orange Plastic Tweezers 1x Thermometer 1x Large Glass Pipet 1x Glass Cleaner Magnet 1x Biohome Plus 1x Furan-2 1x 20L Bucket for water changes 1x Prodac Filter Floss Bag (3/4 left) 1x Dr. Bassleer BioFish Food (1/2 left) 1x Brine Shrimp Feed (Full, never used) 1x Red Sea Coral Pro Salt (Enough left for 2-3 water changes) 1x Coral Snow Plus (enough left for 2-3 water changes) 1x Biomate (enough left for 1 water change) Fish For Sale 2 x Clownfish (5cm+ in size) - $10 1 x Strawberry Dottyback (7.6cm in size) - $8 Clean Up Crew For Sale Nassarius Snails x 4 - $15 Astrea Snails x 3 - $10 Mexican Turbo x 2 = $19 Corals For Sale (photos below - if you want more just PM) 1x Neon Green Shroom - $35 1x Red Blue Shroom - $35 Orange Yuma Rock (4 Heads) - $140 1x Green and Grey Yuma - $40 2x Large Green & Gold Bubble Shroom - $130 1x Large Turquoise and Green Bubble Shroom - $80 1x LargevGreen and Brown Carpet Shroom - $80 Rock with A Large Mixed Color Bubble Shroom, Four Red Shrooms and Peppermint Bubble Shroom - $225 Neon Green Blasto - $100 Pink with Green Mouths Duncan (4 heads) - $100 Purple and Pink Eye Zoas - $50 Red and Neon Orange Eye Zoas - $60 Green and Pink Eye Zoas - $60
  8. Hi, want to sell a live rock with yuma coral. the rock is of approx 7 inches. The biggest head expands to 3-3.5 inches. Has 6 big heads and 3-4 small new ones. With intense actinic it shows light green florescence in its egdes. Rock is treated and free from pest. Picture is taken with ordinary T5 light and my mobile, hence clarity is poor. Selling @ $25 Collection @ west
  9. I am looking small frags of the following corals 1) Lumi true octo (branching type) 2) Tri color valida 3) Red and blue dragon acropora 4) Purple tip yellow acropora 5) Chaeto 6) superman monti 7) yuma (looking at blue, green, or pink) variety - i also have a orange variety for trading (single colony will do) Kindly watsapp price with photo at 91141924. Many thanks for viewing
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