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Found 24 results

  1. Can reach out to me @jtsc1 on tele for faster replies
  2. IMG_9339.mov First Batch Biota YT - stable and with me almost 3 years $500 Mystery Wrasse stable, with me 2 years $150 Mushroom Rock (Red Mushroom, Interstellar and Yellow Elephant Ear) - $80 Decom my Macro Algae Tank due to chiller down. GSP and Zoa photo is not fully extended. IMG_9343.mov GSP Caribsea arch rock (about 20cm) with some red mushroom and BTA - $80 (can spare some common Zoa and 2 connected side rocks f you want) sunflower small colonies - $40
  3. looking for zoas colony to place in a few empty gaps in my tank Pm if you have and selling thank you
  4. Hi reefer bros, I'm clearing my zoas. Feel free to view pics and pm if interested. Can nego. No worries.
  5. Tutti Fruitti 4pp($15) 6pp($20) Rasta 6pp($15) LN butt muncher 3pp($15) 5pp($20) golden clove 3pp($15) WYSIWYG self collection at Lentor Grove, YCK
  6. Few frag of zoa for sale or Trade for other zoa. Price: $12 per frag Location in Woodland Whatapps: 9271 2544 (Kenny) (Photo taken under T5 blue light)
  7. Hi, have some corals (zoas, mushroom and a dark greenish yuma) to clear for weekend. All for $10. Collection 329022. Can beep 96913051 for pics. Thank you.
  8. xinga78


    Hi, giving away a bunch of zoa, tank too small need to clear some precious space. Beep me at 9six913zero51 for pic of zoa. Collection near St Michael’s Rd. Thanks!
  9. Start Bid price: S$1 Bid ends : 9th Feb 2019 at 2200hrs. Collection at Punggol MRT or 821664. Winner must collect within 7 days of auction end. Large frag disk of Zoa (Don't know ID) with at least 18 polyps, apologies for poor phone pics. No buy it now price so please do not PM.
  10. Hi,all, The following new frag for sale. A] Red Eagle Eye - $30 B] Red Eagle Eye - $20 C] Red Eagle Eye - $15 D] Sunny D - $30 E] Radioactive Paly - $20 F] Radioactive Paly - $20 H] Luminous GSP - $10 I] Luminous GSP -$10 Watapps: Nine6959371: Happy reefing.
  11. Pink and gold zoanthid - $5 Purple effl - $4
  12. Whole frag plug about 8-10 polyps : $45
  13. Hi fellow reefers, have the following for sale. Collection at Bishan St 25. Prefer to sell multiple frags so 10% discount on purchases > $50. Zoas Eagle Eye - $10/15 (small 10polyps, big 20+ polyps mixed with another red black zoa) Sunflower - $15 (3 polyps) Teal Zipper - $10 (>5 polyps) Bam Bam Orange - $10 (2 polyps) Monti Orange Monti - $10 Purple Cap Monti x2 - $10 Birdnest / Pocci Radioactive Birdnest - $15 for both (1x3 inches frag, 1 dull 2 inch frag) Green/Yellow Pocci - $10 Radioactive Birdnest + Turquoise Birdnest on plug - $10 Pulsing Xenia - $10 (have about 4-5 frag plugs) Pulsing Xenia + Purple Eff - $15 Reserve is ok but must collect within a week, anytime is ok as I'm on leave till mid march. PM for contact number / pictures. Pictures will be progressively uploaded, thanks!
  14. WTS: Green Rock Zoa, suitable for those with big tank to fill up spaces If near, can drive by to pass to you Clearing tank space Selling $16 Size of palm. Bright Green color. PM me.
  15. hi all, have the following zoa frags to sell Midas Zoa (yellow), >8 polyps per frag - $15 Candy Apple Red, 3-4 polyps per frag - $30 Mandarin Orange (variant), various size frags - $10 (<10 polyps), $15 (<20 polyps), $20 (>20 polyps, big frag!) Fire & Ice, 4-5 polyps per frag - $10 GSP, not the super neon one - $10 starter zoas - free for buyers of other frags prefer to sell to multiple frags buyer. looking for trade to softies/other zoas too
  16. interested in trading for coral frags. sps, lps, zoas all can, pm me with pictures only have magicians zoa for trade now, others to come
  17. WTS fist size rock w/ zoa that look like fire and ice. Brown/red hairy skirting, looks good in blue light. normal white light looks so so only. Fist size, many many polyps. $20 collection at Bishan, pm me for contact. Cheers
  18. Hi all Looking for some acan/zoa frags to fill my tank. small ones would work due to my tank size.if u have any to go please do drop me a pm. Thank you very much
  19. Hi all. I am not sure what these zoas are worth but i am looking for a small monti cap frag ( Dino, sunset, reverse sunset, chilli pepper etc...) to swap with you. If you have other corals in mind for swopping let me know i might be interested! pls pm me.
  20. SELLING zoa ard 20 poly. for $20. collect at simei . give a green mushroom. FREE.
  21. Would like to sell off 2 zoa rocks to clear some space for my new additions. Pls PM me if you are interested. Tks Pink Zoa Colony - $35 (Mixture of 2 zoas, one pink zoa and one with yellowish green mouth and brown face) Orange Nipple Colony - $55 (Orange mouth with Green face, more than 100 polyps i think) Pics attached, WYSIWYG
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