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Found 11 results

  1. A1: FFD Mini Colony $20 A2: FFD Mini Colony $30 A3-A5: Purple Sps mini colony $20 each A6: purple staghorn Sps sold as pair $10 A7: Acan $25 A8: Acan $25 A9-A11: many polyp Zoas each $25 A12: blue plate coral with orange rim $25 A13: orange plate coral $20 A14: M-L size about 10cm fully extend Green Hammer $35 A15: M-L size about 10cm fully extend teal reverse hammer $40 Telegram me @jtsc1 for pictures if can’t view of more info. Thanks deal at Sengkang area or can arrange delivery with small fee depending on location. Buy above $100 free delivery
  2. Collection at Punggol. Ctn 90056726. Thanks
  3. decommissioning tank got the below corals to let go. 1. Yumas @ $50 - lumi green, opened to about 10cm wide, got a small baby beside. this is on a small piece of rock 2. Yumas @ $50 - single colored orange. counted at least 7 on a single rock 3. Duncans @ $25- 2 big heads n 1 small baby head at the side 4. fox coral @ $30 - size about 15cm 5. ultra acan @ $30 - lumi green. about 5cm x 2cm frag. 5 heads 6. acan @ $40- green. about 5cm x 2cm frag. at least 7 heads 7. war corals favites @ $30 - green. about 5cm x 5cm frag 8. blastos @ $ 120 - red rimmed, lumi green. counted 14 heads minimum. On a big piece of rock all pics taken under white blue n blue only with DD lens filter. WhatsApp me at 81886690 for faster response. pick up at tampines west area
  4. Hi everyone, I have the following frags for sale: Collection at Fernvale Lane whatsapp at 9338 5671 1. Aussie Rainbow Acans @$80/frag (4 frags available as shown in picture, FCFS the early bird gets to choose). 2. Vitamin C Chalice @$30/frag (2 frags available): 3. Chalice, no ID @$35 (one frag only): Actual Frag Mother Colony: 4. Uncommon Miniature Branch Hammer, three heads for $70: Top view: Side View: Thanks!
  5. Hi all Looking for some acan/zoa frags to fill my tank. small ones would work due to my tank size.if u have any to go please do drop me a pm. Thank you very much
  6. Hi have the following for sales Acan 4 pieces. Selling for $170 ( you won't be disappointed with the colours.Priority will be given to who buy all.) Green dragon echinata $60 Orange zoas $60 WYSIWYG Collection at sengkang. Thanks
  7. Red small polyps acan frags and purple stylo frags Letting go at $20/- each. Collection at West. PM me if interested. Mother colony of purple stylo
  8. Hi fellow reefers, Need some help & advice on keeping freshy LPS such as Scoly, prata, lobo & trachy. I never have much luck keeping these corals for long term. Somehow or other, tissue will start recede from the sides exposing its bones after some time. Wondering what is it that I did wrong? Worse record was probably trachyphyllia and best record is cynarina (have 3 of these for 2 yrs plus, no issues). I will try my best to feed at least once a wk using frozen mysis or brine shrimp. Using radion & t5 combi for lighting. Wavemaker is Mp40 using random reef crest mode. Hope to hear some expert advices and suggestions. Thanks.
  9. Dear all, I'm letting go the following frag: A) Red Acan - $65 B ) Bi-colour Acan - $45 C) Tri-colour Acan - $50 D) Aussie Chalice - $40 E) King Midas Zoas around 12 polyps - $35 F) Fruit Loop around 11 polyps - $60 G ) Chromis Blue Zoa (around 4-5 polyps) - $60 Interested parties, please pm me for details. Collection place at Tiong Bahru Area. Thanks
  10. Hi all, Letting go the following frags: a) Montipora Setosa Size 1"p plus - $35 b ) Hammer Luminous green tip with 2 heads - $20 c) Aussie Acan Red colour with white stripe around 8-9 heads @ $120 d) Green Stag Size 4" plus with multiple branches @$25 e) Tuq Birdnest size szie 3" plus with multiple branches @$20 f) Purple Valida frag 4" plus with mulitple branches @$30 g) Sunflower Zoas around 5-6 polyps @$20 h) Chalice - red base with golden eyes size 2" plus @ $60 Interested parties, pls pm me for details. Collection at Tiong Bahru Area. Thanks
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