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WEEKLY SHIPMENT UPDATE - 28 Oct 2013 - 3 Nov 2013

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Beng LCK : blue tang, yellow tang, purple tang, flame goby, golden gravelly, sohal, cleaner shrimps, etc. there are GSP, mushroom, red bamboo ad grape, zoas, etc.

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Updates from fish channel:

Caribbean & Mexico shipment arrived in store,

Lots of Queen angels (S sizes available, who says TFC only sells big fishes?

French angels

Gray angels

Rock beauty angels

Argi angels (nice sizes!)

Lots of Atlantic blue tang (back again by popular demand!)

Cortez wrasse ( nice addition to a Fowlr tank)

Cuban hog

Popeye catalufa Soldierfish (rare!)

Yellowhead Jawfish

Royal gramma

Cerith snails (superb algae eater! Small in size hence unlike the clumsy turbo snails which will topple your corals)

Ultra rics

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