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WEEKLY SHIPMENT UPDATE - 28 Oct 2013 - 3 Nov 2013

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Anyone seen royal gramma around? Fishchannel had a few last week but gone before i could get there....

** Coming Soon ** 4x2x2 from Oceansing

1) Red Sea Max 130D

Stunner LED strip 24v 453nm Actinic Blue

2) 130liter nano from Pasir Ris... generic, but fun!

3) 300mm cube tank
Ecoxotic Par 38 tri-colour, PAR38 Aquarium LED 6-453nm Blue 4-6500k 2-Red
Eheim-Compact 600 Return Pump

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Bro if u looking fot candy cane coral, haven seen any... candy cane pistol CF shld have...

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Yes, we know, there's a cheaper and prettier fish than the one were talking about. - John Coppolino

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Loads of pratas, open brains and sps available in LCK. at a very attractive price ! Spotted a few nice pratas with unique coloration.

Apart from the above, there are some scolys, orange hammers, 1 or 2 pcs of designer plates, white xenia and many other assorted corals.


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Anyone seen any starcki damsel around? Or any shops will bring in soon?

Xzoga pe5-8 + Saragosa SW6000

Xzoga pe3-5 + JM pe3

Giant Killing + Ryoga 1012

Tsuribi pe0.8-1.5 + Certate 2500

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