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The great $10 frag sale


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hi all, trimming my sps.

all frags $10 each. at least 1.5", some with multiple branches.

no reserve please unless i know you, FCFS. viewing welcome at pasir ris dr 6. frags are limited.

-neon green stag

-blue tenuis with teal rim

-purple with lumi tip tenuis

-green tip with pink body stylo

-green pocci

some pics of the mother colony. please dont ask me for additional pictures as my mobile cam cannot take any decent pics under my leds. best is you come personally for a viewing. kopi on me.

whatsapp or sms 923 zero zero 827



blue tenuis w teal rim


purple tenuis, lumi tip cannot be seen here


I believe there is something out there watching us. Unfortunately, it's the government. - Woody Allen

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Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk

| Display : 48x30x22 Skimmer : SK-201 skimz

| Sump : 30x24x18 Wavemaker : 2x RW-15 , 1x RW-8

| Cooling : 1HP titanium drop in coil ATO : JBJ

| Lighting : ATI Sunpower 8x54w + 48x cree xte royal blue Return : Jebao dc-6000

| Dosing : Jebao dosing pump [ CaCl2 + NaHCO3 ] Pump :

| Reactor : FSZ Z160 zeolite reactor & phosban 150

| System : ZEOVIT

decomm-ed :

Ydkm SPS reef

:wub: >><< :wub:

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