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my little piece of the sea


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hi,its been long since my last update...my digicam self destructed...


4X2X2.5 12mm glass tank,2.5ft sump

Reef maniacs custom dual beckett

Reef maniacs Calcium reactor with second chamber

Pacific cool 1/2 hp chiller

2X250watts BLV 10kk

2X39watts T5

Tunze 6080

Fluidise reactor

Tubby auto-top up







Others not measured

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Is it your camera or the salmon pink mille looks half dead? The bottom tissue looks like all gone and don't see any polyps. You water parameter ok?

hahha...u look at the rest of my pics u'll know the quality of my camera liaoz...will try to use another camera tml...and yes there's polyp extension,i guess they are camera shy?? :D

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