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OMG! Look at these hybrids and rare fishes!

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Nice aussie Callanthias!

The callanthias japonicus we got from japan were also caught using hook and line by the local fisherman and equally large.

Like the australis, japonicus need very low temperature and the previous one we got died due to high temperature.

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My Juvenile hippo tang.


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Tank Theme: Mixed Reef with clams

3 feet tank with IOS

Eheim 1262

K3 wavemaker x1

Lightings: T5 actinic blue x4 , T5 white x4

Skimmer: BMQQ

Artica 1/5

Dosing: NA


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Nice hybrid post-15726-14117923806291_thumb.jpg

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Flavocoronatus Butterfly

Supposedly a Burgess X Tinkeri

The gene pool of Roaps hybrid colllected isolated areas in Marshalls (where all three, Tinkeri, Burgess and Flavocoronatus can be found and cross-breed with one another) has been "mixed" and "re-mixed" until we can no longer ascertain the parental lineage of these hybrids.

In any case the burgess blood is so strong and usually results in hybrids losing more yellow of the tinker and flavocoronatus which caused the hybrids to be less attractive than its parents. In remote parts of Marshalls where they are collected, the hybrid Roaps are more common than pure Roaps.

The price has dropped significantly due to growing supply. First batch used to command a 4-figure price tag! Over the past 1 year, locally we have seen quite a few coming in and offered at very good price (low hundreds)!

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