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  1. Hi all, As above, 1 X Bubble Magus Nac QQ Condition 8-9/10 . ~ $50 1 X Eheim Compact 1000 Pump , Condition 7-8/10 . ~ $40 1 X Shiruba HOB Filter 720l/h, Condition 9/10 ~ $20 All items have been tested and are working like a champ. Im open to negotiations, just looking to clear everything. PM me Cheers!
  2. The ones you circled look like hitch hikers, look totally different from the surrounding zoas. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  3. Guys give chance abit, hes new, and following the supposed professional "fish shop" is what we would all have done if we were getting into something new.
  4. Bro, by the way, could you share with us what equiptment you are using? And also, the water parameters. You didnt mention at the start, it would be good to test the water and let us know so we can pinpoint any mistakes that you might potentially make.
  5. Hey bro, I want to tell you that you are on the right track, let the prawn fully decay and let your water clear up on its own. Try not to turn on the lights as the spike in nutrients will spark off an algal bloom if the lights are on. Right now just leave your return pump running to get the water flowing. It looks like your tank is at its peak of the cycle, it should clear up from here on out. Btw, from the picture it looks like you have some corals, but they look artificial, or am I seeing things?
  6. Nice! Softies and lps tank. Looking hot bro!
  7. Red sea prizms also got some quite good reviews. Got alot of options, just need to look around.
  8. I think for bigger tank its okay to follow the teaspoon method, smaller tank abit difficult to measure 1.8 teaspoons. Imo, measuring spoon is the easiest.
  9. I dont think the evaporation rate would differ that much from chiller, but do update, it should be interesting.
  10. Just wondering, why would the water evaporate faster? In my experience use fan vs aircon chill, the evap rate a lot less for air condition. But vs chiller is a different story.
  11. And your cup coral looks like it going to cmi soon. It seems that its getting too much light. Maybe you can take a better picture?
  12. I suggest moving your monti higher up to an area with more flow. It seems like your plate is on a piece of rock, I would suggest placing it on the sand bed with moderate to low lighting.
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