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  1. must be muar chee, long paragraph of advice, only 50% of it is useful!
  2. plankton and tiny organisms are freely found in the ocean. they aren't found freely growing in your tank unless you introduce them. so except for things like clams and sps which rely on zoox for food, you should introduce coral food into your tank regularly to ensure they grow. people put all sorts of things in, phyto, zooplankton, mysis, cyclopeeze, etc. not sure whether all work but probably better than putting nothing in your tank at all.
  3. he means he used NSW, not the NSW is "used" or "re-used" and yes NSW can be kept. Even more so salt mix. I store my mixed salt water for weeks before using, so that don't have to keep making pails full. have three jerry cans to keep the water i mix in bulk.
  4. for coralline algae you need strong lighting of a certain spectrum. people recommend the blue actinic lights (T5). most fowlr tanks do not have strong lighting so this might be a problem and coralline algae growth will be slow.
  5. this has already been discussed to death in another thread. unless you got something else useful to add (in which case pls add to the earlier thread), don't start another thread on this topic. let the matter rest pls http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...ndpost&p=457107
  6. Do a search in these forums using the term "salt mix". You should get some information from past postings on this. Anyway you can buy salt from most fish shops. You can ask them for how to prepare the salt.
  7. I use the dried powdered form, and yes, the fish go crazy and eat like mad when it floats everywhere. You got to make sure it gets properly soaked and not filled with airbubbles. Dunno about the flake version though. Maybe not enough of the smell circulates in the water to attract your clowns.
  8. how did they manage to record this conversation??
  9. aiyoh sorry will get rid of my big red annoying signature
  10. aiyah public aquariums got full-time staff, not so difficult to maintain as it sounds. imagine if we didn't need to work, can spend our time on our tanks everyday as a job, sure can maintain a big one too!
  11. Hope the culprit gets caught soon and turned over to the police!!
  12. You guys should use the plastic bottles to make some giant words on the field that can be seen from outer space... like "HI MOM!!" or something
  13. i have anti-virus and firewall software up, but still managed to get hit by a nasty spyware programme called elitebar. perhaps you kena that as well? do a search on symantec website for it... took me hours to remove it
  14. 0cm macro mode is cool but harder to use than it sounds... unless your subject is backlit or the light is falling from directly overhead, if you plant the lens right up at the object, you will block the light falling on it and your picture will be very dark. I suppose if you do nature photography (insects, plants, etc) it will be very useful.
  15. bro your first one i think you mean Canon S2 IS and not Sony. and I bought it liao, highly recommended!! Pictures I took with it... http://gallery.clubsnap.com/showgallery.ph...00/ppuser/21474
  16. that's like saying "lets have a discussion on how a car runs.... but please no mention of PETROL!" maybe if you weren't so against discussion religion, you might actually find some answers
  17. tangs are very greedy. grapes, red bamboo, nori, they will all eat. My tangs are all fat like pigs
  18. Maybe cos GHOSTS used to be the weaker humans who already kena backstabbed by HUMANS
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