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  1. aiseh! your rhomboid look brilliant! i hope you din replace your Solskjaer with a fernand torres...
  2. very lucky for you! bro drato is a very experience and respectable "old bird"
  3. WTS MP40WES $320. 1yr+ old. driver is new, less than a year old. whatsapp 98008521.
  4. bro you mean bristleworm snatch food from your dragonet? anyway i like your new rockscape! seems like you did a wonderful job cleaning that tank. cant wait for more photos!
  5. can share full sump shot after this need addition.
  6. check if LCK still has tiny yellow tang, they have quite afew last week.
  7. he too busy liao.. spending too much time admiring his tank, refuse to let us envy!!
  8. welcome to SRC bro! keep the photos coming.
  9. the reflection behind spoils the photo!
  10. you need to lose some sps to get more bro!
  11. please do it slowly and watch for pest.. depending on what kinda corals you are going for. keep us posted!
  12. nice setup, lots of room for corals
  13. very detail review! impressive bro! able to do some close up shots of those corals?
  14. 3inch to 4.5inch bandit available at lck. Good size for bandit lover. lots of yt frm small To big. flame wrasse flame angel. Yellow head jawfish rics And many more..
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