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  1. Where exactly in AMK for products self collection? Not stated on your site.
  2. Make friend with ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Patience patience and more patience.
  3. Hi all, As per topic. Let me know if you have. Just need small quantities for my nano tank. Prefer to deal at northern part of SG.
  4. Hi pls PM me if you are letting go yours.
  5. Hi. Tank measurements and glass thickness information? What does it come with?
  6. Interested. Where's the PM button in this forum? The layout changed so much.
  7. Love the stand but too flimsy for a fish tank. Light needs to be upgraded. As mentioned, par38 should do fine.
  8. Nice tank. Do you have a FR running rowa in it?
  9. 2 years now. http://s23.photobucket.com/user/tiffanydunk/media/P1010929_zps283e3dd4.jpg.html'>
  10. Hi there, I've a total of 4 rather tiny, but growing snails in my tank. Problem is, I do not have any adult snails in my tank at all for the past 1.5yrs. And all of a sudden, these tiny snails appear. Can anyone explain this? Mine is a fowlr tank with no new rocks being introduced. Everything has been like that for the past 2.5yrs I have this current tank. Cheers.
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