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  1. Hi, been reefing for the past 7~8 years and moved from a mini 2.5ft to 4ft fowlr. Due to moving house & a 90% wipe out, decided to sell all as a package (~$300) 1) Tank : 4x2x2.5, 12mm thickness glass with chennai cabinet with pump. Some scratches visible but still presentable. 2) Lightset : MH 250w + 70w consist of 2 plugs which can simulate sunrise / sunset with timer 3) Liverock : Tonga + normal mixed. Ard 100~150kg in all 4) Tunze wakemaker : 1 unit 5) Skimmer : Reef Octopus DNW150 Fishes : 1) Powder Blue Tang (kept for ~6 years) 2) Green mandarin (female
  2. Thanks bro dnsfpl for the mandarin. Hope they can stay happy thereafter
  3. 好åƒå¥½ç¡, lolz. Feeding on pods only cos didnt see him eating anything else
  4. My male mandarin of 6months from henry
  5. 3 months of staying alive to determine the success seems rather short. My PBT (2nd pbt i bought) has been staying with me for 5yrs+, surviving thru a few house moving, tank changing and several ich outbreak but still managed to pull thru. A bigger tank with lots of live rock is my secret with decent food esp nori.
  6. Sorry to dig out a old thread but I need to find Philip as my comic books are still with him. The old hp number is uncontactable & would appreciate if any bros know how to find him. Thanks!!!
  7. Kick in frequency will depend a lot on the heat generated from pumps, lighting & ambient temperature. Every setup will have their own unique heat signature.
  8. Not able to view profile too. *Testing here to see if I can still post.
  9. My suggestion for your 4 holes 1 - Return pump 2 - Overflow with valve to algae scrubber 3 - Overflow with valve to Skimmer 4 - Normal overflow (for emergency overflooding) Water going down should go to skimmer/scrubber 1st before any leftover goes to normal overflow. For media, not really recommended but you can polish the water using some carbon. My sump is empty XD Sump to be reversed as mentioned by bro stash. Hope it helps
  10. Please read up MORE as I can feel you are very new to this hobby. Whatever equipment needed, you will understand the pro & con of them after you done some homework. Most important equipment in my sense will be the live rocks. Good luck & have fun Btw, im no expert. Juz a leisure reefer.
  11. 2 jelly can for sales ($5 each) Collection at cck. Interested, pm me.
  12. My 2 cents I assume ur flow is sump -> UV -> chiller -> refugium -> sump? If you are talking about the flowrate, UV may restrict flowrate. Best to use gravity to flow into UV/refugium -> sump. Less pump, less heat buildup. One of the best setup to reduce loss in flowrate sump -> chiller -> tank 1 more reason why ur chiller kick in often nowsaday is the heat wave. It is very hot now, so water get warmed up faster than in cool weather. Btw, chiller hv fixed performance. Too fast rate may result in inefficient heat exchange. Too slow, juz wasting electricity.
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