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  1. Hi, anyone got some spare chaeto for me to kickstart? Just a small handful will do. Preferably in north area. Thanks in adavnce
  2. Reduce load, giving stable fish (>1 year) Collection in Woodlands, must take all, fcfs Ard 1~2inch
  3. Reducing bioload, giving away 1 stable chromis. Collection at woodlands. PM me, thanks
  4. Been with me >1 year, hardy & a bit aggressive. Size 3.5~4inch (brown is a bit bigger) YT : $250 BT : $20 Collection at Woodlands 730871
  5. Preferably in the north. Any shrimp that cleans, eg cleaner, blood, boxer, etc
  6. Anyone has a small to medium size copperband to let go? Pm me, thanks!
  7. Due to aggressiveness, decided to give away a 6-liner. Bought since Aug 2020. Collection at Woodlands, FCFS. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  8. 6 mths old from Ah Beng, 8~9cm Getting too big. Selling at $100 Self collect at Woodlands
  9. Reduce bioload sale, at $10. Fish just caught, around 3 inch, have it for more than 1 year. Eat everything. Self collection at woodlands. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Sold to a nice bro Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. Getting too big, reducing bioload. Ard 8~9cm, kept for more than 1 year, selling at $70 Self collection at Woodlands. Priority goes to soonest collection.
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