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  1. Wts Fireball Angel $80. Unicorn Tang $50. Interested pls WhatsApp 96633566. Thank you VID_20240304_233507.mp4 VID_20240304_233536.mp4
  2. Anyone letting go of reef safe fish do PM me. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I always wanted to know where are the nearest marine fish shops near my location, so I made a google map of the shops based on information provided here. The map is free to share. Sticky if you want. =) http://tinyurl.com/jlfsykb
  4. Guest

    Tang Favorite Food

    Please share what is your tang favorite food! My Tangs love to eat TLF Seaweed on Magnet Clipper and Vitalis Marine Grazer.
  5. Selling my emperor angelfish, bought it recently but realized my that my tank would't be a large enough to house it, thus selling to a reefer that can better accomodate to its needs. Currently only 1.5 inch - 2 inch which is quite small. Do pm me for more pics and offer me a price/fish/coral Flexible with letting it go for lower price as i want to give it a better home Thank You My meetup is around Pasir Panjang, Harbourfront, Botanics, Buona Vista, Clementi and anywhere along the way, can be discussed. Just a sample pic below, actual fish is much smaller than that Can also message me at 97158663
  6. Looking for small size yellow tang, around 2 inch. If selling, please pm.
  7. *** Quality Fish Up for Grabs!! *** Conspicuous Angelfish 6" ++ Bandit Angelfish ~ 3" Archilles Tang L with Amazing Big Teardrop (FEEDING) Archilles Tang ML(FEEDING) Flame Wrasse SOLD Helfriche Firefish Royal Gramma Flame Hawk Blackcap Basslet SOLD Yellow Tang (3") FEEDING Purple Tang (2 ~ 3") PM now, before it's too late!! Team S3
  8. Looking for either one. Ideally 2 inches and above. Please pm or whatsapp 9six3six0740 if you have them for sale. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone! My tank are facing the issue of White Spot on the fish. 1 are going on the bad state and all are got few white spot. So I'm using the AquaPharm Pro Series Cure Ich. After I used, the tank water are with blue color, until this morning. The tank water are crystal clear but my skimmer are blue color. I think that skimmer already suck all the treatment inside. How I gonna handle with it ? a ) Leave it there b ) Off the Skimmer and add AquaPharm Pro Series Cure Ich again My Tank Details : 1. Square tank ( 30x30x35 ) ~31.5Lit 2. Power Head 201( With AquaClear Quick Filter " Just a black Sponge ) 3. Bubble Magus Nano QQ1 Skimmer 4. Eheim 2217 ( Black Filler Pad - Sera Bio Filter Ring - Bio Home Plus - Sera Filter Wool ) 5. Base sand
  10. Wts Clown tang $70 only pellet no eat n flame angel $70 all fish food eat interested pls sms or call 96633566 thanks 20181225_223520.mp4
  11. clowns kept for 6 months. eats anything but recently more of frozen mysis 3 pcs of rocks, uniquely shaped. one like a palm. take all for $30
  12. Can someone pls help me identify these purple stuff on my rocks? might it be coralline algae? cuz it started popping up a week or 2 after i bought a zoa colony with coralline algae on its rock.
  13. Change in project. Giving away 5 juvenile clownfish, bought from coral farm. FOC. collection in tampines if anyone is interested
  14. Hello, I would like to know where I can get a bubble tip anemone that is not too expensive, under $40 around there? Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, I have a recently bought clownfish (bought on the 12th of Jan) It is eating well, doesn't rub itself on rocks (means no sign of ich), doesn't do anything weird EXCEPT that it hangs out at the front right top corner of my tank ALL the time, except when feeding and occasionally, moving to the front left top corner for a few seconds (where i have a thermometer to measure the temp). It hangs out at the front right top corner as in it stays there most of the time, but it keeps swimming. It seems to be 'hyperactive' but only staying in that corner. As I'm typing this, it's currently swimming up and down at the front left corner, going to the surface and quickly going to near the substrate at the bottom. So my worry is, why is it not going to the other areas of the tank? (such as the substrate, the live rocks, etc) If you guys need, i can provide a pic. but anyways, does anyone know why it might do this?
  16. I'm decommissioning my 5 foot marine tank and im selling all my livestock first. Sorry for low quality photo and the dirty glass been too busy this days. Note: All my fish here have been with me since the very beginning i started my tank which is about 3 years. FISH 1. Blue Tang Big (about 5-6 inches) = S$50 2. Blue Tang Medium (about 4 Inches) S$35 3. Bignose Unicorn Tang S$50 4. Niger Trigger Very friendly and non aggressive. S$60 5. Sailfin Tang S$40 6. Tomato Clown Fish (Pair and spawning). I lost the RBTA they are hosting over the x-mas holiday when we are on travel. S$60 Female Male (Guarding the Eggs) 7. 2 Yellow Tangs S$50 each or S$90 Pair 8. Foxtail S$30 9. Chromis 6 pcs. This guys are my very first fish. S$10 CORALS 1. Soft Coral (forgot the name) size of my hand open. S$30 2. Pulsing Xenia 1 = S$30 3. Pulsing Xenia 2 S$15 4. Leather 1 S$10 5. Leather 2 S$15 If interested please refer below for more info WhatsApp : 85223044 Pick up Timing : Weekdays = 8-11PM Weekends = anytime Location : Admiralty Drive Sembawang (near Canberra Primary School) All livestock are still in the tank. Equipment sale to follow after all livestocks are sold. Thanks for the Support. -Richard
  17. Hi, selling the below items. Duncan coral with long stem, about 30 heads and growing more. ($150) Huge disk coral, about 10 inches in diameter ($155) Beautiful mystery wrasse, about 2.5 inches. ($100) Reb back anthias, not sure the exact name. x4 ($50) Normal yellow wrasse ($5) Sri Lanka Yellow wrasse ($20) A pair of flame hawk ($80) Melanurus wrasse ($15) Blackbar hogfish ($30) A pair of cleaner shrimps ($20) Spider conch x2, conch x2, snails [not sure how many] ($10) A pair of Randall goby with pistol shrimps ($40) Please bring own pail when collecting. East katong area. Pics in next post.
  18. Hello to all reefers! For those who use cooling fans to reduce their tank temperature, I'd like to know what brand and type of the fan it is, what your tank dimensions are (length, breadth, height) and how many degrees Celsius was the temperature lowered. Replies are appreciated .
  19. Has anyone been able to keep corals at 29*C around there for long? Or 28*C? If so, what kind of coral? Pls let me know, thanks.
  20. Hello to all reefers! For those who use cooling fans to reduce their tank temperature, I'd like to know what brand and type of the fan it is, what your tank dimensions are (length, breadth, height) and how many degrees Celsius was the temperature lowered. Replies are appreciated
  21. Hi all, Few fishes to go: chromis, red sea salfin, tailspot wrasse, clarkii clown, pink Smith damsel, velvet damsel. Emerald crab Few corals, red digitata, red mushrooms, bubbles. Few equipment, ocean runner 3000, rio45, maxspect Razer, biopellet reactor, wavemaker with pulse control.Chiller Hailea hc1000 need top up gas. Liverocks sufficient to fill 4ft tank Tank size is 2*2.5*3ft. Thickness 10mm, black silicone. Too bottom brace. Take all for 500. Please contact at 974Ol2l8. Thanks.
  22. Hello all, anyone knows where to buy corals that are cheap? Like, below $20.
  23. Any tips on how to lower tank temperature without a chiller? I cannot afford one.
  24. It has been 10 over years since I have last kept marine fishes. Finally got my own house last year. Now i have decided to return to this hobby and this time round to start slowly and do it correctly. The below picture are the setup I did 12-13 years ago. I was first introduced to this marine hobby by an army friend. The LFS I went told me that I can use a under gravel system with two external canister to sustain the system. Yes it can be done, but if anyone really want to go deeper into this hobby, it is not very practical in the long run. However the under gravel system did manage to pull through and I was able to get good results (0 ammonia / 0 nitrites / 0 nitrates and some other perimeters good enough to keep hard corals and fishes
  25. Any tips on how to lower tank temperature without a chiller?
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