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Found 17 results

  1. IMG_9339.mov First Batch Biota YT - stable and with me almost 3 years $500 Mystery Wrasse stable, with me 2 years $150 Mushroom Rock (Red Mushroom, Interstellar and Yellow Elephant Ear) - $80 Decom my Macro Algae Tank due to chiller down. GSP and Zoa photo is not fully extended. IMG_9343.mov GSP Caribsea arch rock (about 20cm) with some red mushroom and BTA - $80 (can spare some common Zoa and 2 connected side rocks f you want) sunflower small colonies - $40
  2. Selling my yellow tang. $800 Address is 648322 Lakefront Residences #12-01 Pm me telegram 91730175 First ask first serve 20230805_121237.mp4
  3. Have the following fishes to clear. Reduce bio load. Fishes have been caught Collection at sengkang 1 ) Purple tang for sales. With me 1.5 years. Gone through thin and thick. Size : est 5"+- Thick body. Selling $150 2 ) yellow tang Around 4"+ Selling $950
  4. I have healthy, stable, fat Haiwaiian Yellow Tang for sale, bought recently. Very nice colouration. It is a pity my other fishes cannot accommodate well with her, and so no choice, have to let her go. Current market price is at least $180. Letting go at $150. Self collect in the east. Please PM me. Thank you.
  5. Hi reefers, Decommissioning my tank, hence letting go of mainly livestock including variety of tang fishes (2 years old), a juvenile emperor angel (1 year plus), 2 cleaner shrimp and some dried live rocks. Some corals/frags available upon request. Fcfs PM only if really keen. Collection is in Sengkang. Thanks! Juvenile Emperor Angel (4 inch): $50 Purple Tang (about 5 inch): $130 Purple Tang (about 4 inch): $100 Abit shy Yellow Tang (4.5 inch): $60 Blue Tang (6 inch): $50 Sailfin Tang (6 inch): $50 Has good personality Dried live rocks, take all (About 2 pails): $50
  6. Looking for small size yellow tang, around 2 inch. If selling, please pm.
  7. 4inch palm size yellow tang on pellets and tang algae. Eating healthily and ich free Only SGD130 Negotiable Selling to reduce bio loadLocation : near Clementi wysiwyg
  8. Posting for a friend: Whatsapp if interested: 9152-4549 1) yellow tang, blue hippo tang and tomato clown with white and purple anenome -$70 (will not separate as have been a happy, healthy and peaceful community for a couple of years). 2) Purple encrusted live rock -$20 3) 125 litre tank and cabinet with Dymax L-Max LED light, Jireh Marine designed filtration and skimmer system and plexiglass lid. In okay condition. Great as a cheap starter marine tank. $90 or $150 including 1 and 2 above and loads of freebies (trace elements (Carbonate, Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine), Marine PH Buffer, cleaning syphon, and more.
  9. Hi I m looking for a healthy yellow tang. Best is s/m size. Please pm me your best price and collection location if you have one to let go. Preferred north east area. Thx!
  10. Hi everyone, I've recently setup my marine tank about 4 weeks ago and put a yellow tang into the tank last weekend. Yesterday when I reached home after work, I reliased that the yellow tang has gone missing. It didn't appear at the feeding time (usually evening). Normally it would come and eat the mysis. I've searched for it for hours (rocks and sand beds) but no sign of the fish (no even the fish bone). Feeling very upset about the disappearance of yellow tang. Have you encountered such situation before? Is the fish dead already? Any advice? Thank you.
  11. Looking for yellow tang. Can PM or contact me at 8 two 88 8 nine 77. Thanks
  12. The Yellow Tang is a "must have fish" for many marine fish enthusiast and marine system. The Yellow Tang is an active swimmer that will glide throughout your aquarium in near constant motion, acting as an aquarium tour guide of sorts to any onlooker who follows its meandering swim path. The Yellow Tang's natural habitat is actually widespread throughout Indonesia and the Great Barrier Reef but also most common in the reefs of Hawaii. The Yellow Hawaiian Tang is also known as the Yellow Sailfin Tang or Yellow Surgeonfish. The Yellow Tang is best kept should in an aquarium of at least 100 gallons with ample room to swim. Like other Tangs, this member of the Acanthuridae family demonstrates territorial aggression towards its own species, or Tangs in general. Therefore, it is best to keep just one Yellow Hawaiian Tang per aquarium, unless multiple Yellow Hawaiian Tangs are introduced into the system simultaneously. Although the Yellow Tang will eat meaty foods along with the other fish in the aquarium, it is important that the Yellow Tang is offered plenty of marine based seaweed and algae. I fed mine with green seaweed everyday 2 days, they just love to graze every time it passes by. The dried green seaweed is infused with garlic to strengthen its immune system, reduce aggression and improve overall health. The Yellow Hawaiian Tang is a very common, extremely popular, and hardy addition to any fish-only or reef aquarium system.
  13. Hi, I have inquiry for Yellow Tang Fish (Small Size - Medium Size) Quantity 10-20pcs Since this is my first post, I'm sorry if there is any mistaken Thanks Regards, Christian
  14. Hi, anyone come across red streak on your yellow tang, My yellow tang is have this red streak near the fins and little red blotches on its body. Did water change few days back but the red steaks are still there. Everything has pretty much been the same just that i started feeding frozen brine shrimp ? i doubt that is the cause right? Any one has any cure for it ?
  15. I have a Yellow tang, one of the side, the tang does not have scalpeline spine. Will the tang grow back the scalpeline spine? I realise wrong title: It should be Yellow Tang one side without the scalpellike spines
  16. Purple Tang - small about 3 inch or less. - $70 Yellow Tang - small about 2.5 inch or less - $40 Multicolour Angel - about 3 inch - $110 Majestic Angel - about 3 inch - adult - $70 Lemonpeel - about 2.5 inch - $65 all feeding on pellets, flakes, seaweed.... whatever you throw at them video of them feeding can be found here in my tank thread : Collection at Choa chu Kang. Hope to sell by Tuesday. Else will release them back into my tank. Please PM me if keen. FCFS. No reservations. Kena piloted too many times. Will also be giving priority to whoever that buys the most fishes.
  17. Selling one of my yellow tang 2.5" away. Quarrantined for 3 weeks. Free from white spot, ick and diseases. Very healthy and eats brime shrimps, lettuce, pellet, algae, etc. Friendly with other fishes, except its own genus. Selling at $27. Interested pls sms to 97451766.
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