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Found 19 results

  1. $28 $38 Collect at kampung admiralty or admiralty mrt only. 9llFive O8six4
  2. Hi SPS keepers, Trimming my pink millie and have the following frags for sale. Pls refer to pictures. All frags at $20 per piece. Collect near Admiralty Mrt along Woodlands Ave 6. Thanks.
  3. Selling the following frags, Blue Tenuis $30 Blue Tenuis $50 Red Stag $25 Pink Millie $10 Pink Millie $20 Purple Samoensis $20 Purple Samoensis $15 Bicolor Stag $50 Blue Tip Tenuis $20 Pearlberry $15 Green Millie $25 Red Prostrata $12 Collect near Admiralty mrt along Woodlands Ave 6. Pls pm me if keen. Thanks.
  4. Tutti Fruitti 4pp($15) 6pp($20) Rasta 6pp($15) LN butt muncher 3pp($15) 5pp($20) golden clove 3pp($15) WYSIWYG self collection at Lentor Grove, YCK
  5. Red Prostrata: $40 Unknown Acropora: $20 Green Millie: $15 Green/yellow tenuis: $10 Pink Millie 1: $10 Pink Millie 2: $8 Assorted “micro” frags (3 pearlberry and 1 green/yellow tenuis) Price from left to right side: $10, $2, $2 & $5. Take all 4 on frag plug $15. Collection near Admiralty mrt along woodlands ave 6.
  6. Selling some corals. Do check back for updates. WYSIWYG 1 clam. 2inchs Wide. @60$ Rainbow Yuma.. @50$ all prices are negotiable. Pm me for details
  7. Zoas for sale. Zoas pack with 8 different zoas $140 A. Sunny D's 3p $20 B. Gatorade 4p $30 C. Ice fire 6p $20 D. Purple monster 3p $30 E. Rainbow infusion 2p $10 F. Sunny D's 3p $20 G. Utter chaos 3p $40 H. Indigo 2p $10 I. No id 10p $30 J. Utter chaos 3p $40 K. Rainbow infusion 6p $30 L. Aus ensign 5p $20 M. Indigo 2p $10 Contact me at 92313772
  8. 1 - GSP (nos. 1 - 4) $5ea 2 - GSP (no. 5) $2 3 - Duncan $10 4 - Duncan $15 5 - Orange Mille $15 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  9. 1 - Forest Fire Monti $5 2 - Red Mille $15 3 - Red Mille (small) $10 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  10. 1 - GSP $10 2 - SSC $40 3 - Duncans (20+ Heads) $100 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  11. Blue Tip Pinkish green body Frag $8 Green Tip Fire Forest Colony $30 about palm size Green Tip Fire Forest Frag $8 Yellowish Green luminous Pocci $10/ Frag Encrusted on frag plug . 5 Frags to go.
  12. Hi all, Accidentally broke it during wc. Yellow-greenish tone body, pinkish coralites and blue tips, white pe. ~2" frag (only one piece) : $15 and ~1" frags (2pieces available) : $5 each Pls pm me if interested & I'll try to get bk to u asap. Collect at my place near admiralty mrt preferably after 7pm during Wkdays. Thank u.
  13. 3 frags of Supernova zoas for sale. 5 polyps each. 1 frag $25. Fcfs. Collection: Havelock Road Thanks!
  14. Interested please SMS/Whatsapp 94880692 for collection at Serangoon garden. Thanks. 1. Pink zoas: $20 2. Yellow zoas: $20 3. Peach paradise: $35 4. SPS: $15
  15. A: Some wild SPS B: Radioactive birdnest C: Fire digi D: Sunset millie E: Peach paradise zoas Interested please whatsapp 94880692 and collection at Serangoon garden. (prefer weekdays after 8pm) Viewing is only possible over weekends upon arrangement. Thank you.
  16. Hello, i'll cut straight to the chase. I'm looking for: - Peppermint shrimps - Stomatella snails - Any coral frag of any sort Tank is so barren, only fish and rocks (and so many worms ._.). Pretty much the only coral in there is aiptasia, oh lovely aiptasia. Purchased kalkwasser burning a small hole in my pocket only for the aiptasia to duplicate... I'm willing to buy if it comes down to that, don't have alot of money, so spending 20+ dollars on one peppermint shrimp is not really a viable option for me.
  17. Hi all, clearing my remaining frags to clean up my tank for CNY. Tank looking abit too cluttered. Pictures are of mother colonies. Frags are around 1.5", Most with multiple branches. I welcome trades with encrusting montiporas. Collection will be pasir ris dr 6. FCFS no reserve unless with payment as too many pilots already. Price is $10 per frag. SMS or whatsapp 923 zero zero 827. Thanks all and wish you wealth and health this coming CNY. Huat ah! 1 x Blue tenuis 1 x Purple Tenuis 2 x Radioactive birdnest 1 x Lumi green acro
  18. hi all, trimming my sps. all frags $10 each. at least 1.5", some with multiple branches. no reserve please unless i know you, FCFS. viewing welcome at pasir ris dr 6. frags are limited. -neon green stag -blue tenuis with teal rim -purple with lumi tip tenuis -green tip with pink body stylo -green pocci some pics of the mother colony. please dont ask me for additional pictures as my mobile cam cannot take any decent pics under my leds. best is you come personally for a viewing. kopi on me. whatsapp or sms 923 zero zero 827 stag blue tenuis w teal rim purple tenuis, lumi tip cannot be seen here
  19. Hi Guys, I have the above to sell, tip is green and body suppose to be in yellow, due to my water parameter it turns to green also. frags have various sizes from 1" to 2" branches, now sell per frag at $5-$10, collect at punggol. u can sms me at 96493294
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