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WEEKLY SHIPMENT UPDATE - 22 July 2013 - 28 July 2013

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Bro, both chevron and yellow eye available at CF...

I was at lck too I saw kakani buy a lot sps lol. I only bought one sunset mili. If tmr u guys free go grab it. Sps is nice and price is good too

Sealife : flame angel, coral beauty, some red rare wrasse which i dunno what species, keyhole angel, small blue tang, small AT, 1 x gray poma angel, few large size french angel and the usual clown fis

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Looking for Midas too! Do post when you've found!

Follow Alex's Reefing Journey @ http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/132375-alexs-home-tank/?do=findComment&comment=1227561


Home Tank


Tank Size: 5 x 2 x 2¼ (Divider - 3 Sided Crystal Panels)

Sump Size: 4½ x 1½ x 10"

Return Pump: Jebao DC-6000 DC Pump & Jebao DC-12000 DC Pump

Lighting: 6x80W Ati Dimmable Sunpower
Wavemaker: Jebao RW20 & RW15
Skimmer: Skimz E-Series SM251
Reactors: NM122 (Nitrate) & FM100 (Fluidized)
Chiller: 1 HP Daikin Compressor Drop in Titanium Coil
Sand: 100kg CaribSea Arag Alive Bimini Pink

Rocks: 47kg

Filter Media: Bio Balls, Coral Chips & Bio Home & Marine Pure Block



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I bought one midas benny fm pinnacle yesterday and left ard 2-3 as of yesterday. Many blue line angel in the quarantine tanks.

blue line angel from Pinnacle? nowadays lots of surprise, hope their pricing are attractive.

What are the sizes?

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For those who are not working tomorrow, maybe you can drop by tonight at iwarna midnight Australia shipment @ 3 AM.

Expect to see some ultra grade SPS - Strawberries, monti and assortment of LPS corals as well; war coals, blasto, duncan, lobo ect... :superman:

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Australia shipment after midnight at Iwarna. E.T.A at 3-3.30am.

Corals: Acropora (many new types), favites, neon green polyp sarcophyton, assorted LPS.

Fishes: small chromis nitida, 1x chelmonops truncatus, choati wrasse.

Always something more important than fish.


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Any kole yellow eye or chevron tang found? Thank all

Bro, both chevron and yellow eye available at CF...


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Buy fish that excite YOU, and respect others' passions.

Yes, we know, there's a cheaper and prettier fish than the one were talking about. - John Coppolino

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