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Lumi gsp + 100++ pink Zoas + rbta, hand size rock @ 120

red lobo @ $30

golden cloves @ 20

multi-colour carpet anemone, 2pcs, @ $80 Palm size.  

pm of keen. Thanks  









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Lumi gsp + 100++ pink Zoas + rbta, hand size rock @ 120

red lobo @ $25

golden cloves @ sold 

multi-colour carpet anemone, 2pcs, @ $70 Palm size.



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Lumi gsp + 100++ pink Zoas + rbta, hand size rock @ $110

red lobo @ sold 

golden cloves @ sold 

2 multi-colour carpet anemone @ $70 Palm size.

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Hi bro, may i know where to collect the zoas and carpet anemones? 

Im Mark


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    • By Admiraltian
      As cny is approaching, pls be patient as I’m quite busy during this period and I get bk to u ASAP. 
      Selling off the following:
      crocea clam $100dark green monti $5 or free if u buy more. Squamosa $700lumi gsp $10 but depend on how much I can peel off.green Millie fully encrusted, can snip a frag or two from it. $5
      some brown frags to be given away for reefers who bought from me for this Decom if they want.
      brown out secale left half a colony with some brown tips. $10
      Red acan free injured green acan $150.
      orange and green mix monti each $10
       Big rock with multiple orange yuma and blue green yuma (more than 10pcs) $100
      branch rock tree with green, yellow hammer and yellow tip green torch $300.toxic green frogspawn $100zoas rock (eagle eye, purple monster, utter chaos, and rainbow infusion). $120
      Collection located along woodlands ave 6 at my place. Pls bring own pail. 
    • By Logan60h
      Hihi, selling the following
      1. Toadstool $35 about 11cm x 7cm 
      2. Metallic gsp $15 2cm
      Open to trade with zoas too
      Collection at dover, bouna vista. 


    • By ladynano
      Tutti Fruitti 4pp($15) 6pp($20)
      Rasta 6pp($15)

      LN butt muncher 3pp($15) 5pp($20)

      golden clove 3pp($15)
      WYSIWYG self collection at Lentor Grove, YCK
    • By atdayahwh
      Green Hair GSP growing on plugs and seashell. $15
      2 plugs, 1 seashell and small rock

    • By atdayahwh
      Two types of GSP growing together on the rock, fist size. Selling with $40.
      Please PM if you are interested.

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