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  1. It's a sergeant major damsel.
  2. Don't get me wrong! My aforementioned foraging were long before Marine Parade estate was constructed. Some oldies will remember the presence of a huge Japanese ship grounded near the Raffles Lighthouse and a half-opened granite coffin on the beach off St. Patrick's School.
  3. It's a local known as an Arabian cowrie. Used to see them during low tide at the East Coast seaside.
  4. Man....looks like something's wrong with the algal growth. Even in excess, the whole lot should be green! Take a look at the algae mass during low tide.
  5. Looks like hair algae. A short-spinned sea urchin should fix the problem.
  6. This guy is commonly found in mud pools along our beaches at low tide. Used to be on the menu of those who forage for crabs and shellfish in the old days. Hence, the suggestion.
  7. Why not release it at the nearest beach? These little jerks can make explosive cracking sounds n one will come to think that maybe tank's glass is cracking.
  8. finbir


    Hello there, can display the products on ur website, please. Thks,
  9. The seaweed I'd mentioned is used in Japanese sushi and is called 'nori'.
  10. Ta'boleh. Get the dried raw type that comes in packaged roti plata form.
  11. My apology. I'm using an Eden 6w not the 12w Atman.
  12. Might sound a bit dumb but I'll try to get help on downloading. Meanwhile, here's a brief description of the setup. The whole thing is somewhat similar to one which is on sale commercially for around $239 (not sure if it's US currency). Mine's made of cut ups Ferrero Roche chocolate boxes. One big box and one small one. The completed thing is rectangular in shape and made according to the size I want. There's a curved plate about one third from the bottom. A 12w Atman is hung at one end to feed a 13mm grey pipe with a diy flattened outlet to increase the outflow. A handful of chaet
  13. I've diy ATS a few times, initially using the CFL and the last one using waterproof leds (got mine at Sim Lim Tower). One needs to use the waterproof ones , else they spoil easily once wetted. The hassle of dismantling the setup to check and harvest. Right now, I'm using a chaeto tumbler (Jake Adams'reefbuilder style). Also diy.
  14. The ATS is used for growing macro algae mainly to absorb nitrate and phosphate; provided there is sufficient and on-growing algae. One good sign of nutrient reduction is growth reduction. That's one reason why overfeeding is less of an issue. A skimmer on the other hand will only take out the dissolved waste of the food and fish discharged. Hence u see the dark brown color in the scum cup.
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