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  1. Shipment at Henry. I recommend wrasse junkies to get the tonozukai male if still available. Nakoae wrasse has very deep colours.....left only 1 coz i got the other 2....haha....cheers!
  2. Red sea shipment at pinnacle. Pls do not pm me to ask for price or whether they are suitable for steaming or deep fry. If u r interested...just go n take a look for a good fish is worth more than your time and money.
  3. Condition is quite well-maintained.....good buy for those looking for small manageable set-up and low on budget.
  4. Guys, tell do u think once upon a time a reefer in US may have released a rusty in Miami ?
  5. U guys got naughty botak head gian again....if im not wrong he is planning for 8ft tank.....hur hur
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6itMvRKNkys&feature=youtube_gdata_player Blue boxer from henry
  7. U should have gotten the blue tile pair....good size
  8. U were at henry this evening around 7.30? I was there too....in blue shirt....saw u left empty handed? Haha.....
  9. Benheer....left a few female barletts. Suggest u wait for next hawaiian shipment.
  10. Ya man....agree. If pipe burst....thats it. I rather have a reliable tank maker than someone who is friendly n so call "nice"....
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