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  1. Have released the pbt back to main tank as I do not want to stress it for too long. Sale closed.
  2. Both small about 3 inches. Saifin: $25 Pbt: $45 Fcfs. Collection at cck.
  3. hey bro been quite a while. 2 or 3 years...? so have u started your tank thread? lol.... kiko my friend will contact you to collect. he is the buyer. thanks. cheers.
  4. wah towkay mike...... power as usual. pure awesomeness ! RC TOTM material !
  5. I switch off skimmer and pour directly into DT once every week when I had a tank. It is a good product. .
  6. I would remove the 2 YTs to accommodate the Chevron too.
  7. Hi hammy thanks ! Hey Happyreef I have been very busy with work and have decommed for the time being. Next tank will be of a different concept.... something more peaceful.... mandarin fishes, seahorses, pipefishes etc. cheers!
  8. hey bro my 2 cents worth: 1) go for 2 ft cube. The larger the better 2) ditch the cannister - go for sump. 3) get a good skimmer - drop Digibee a pm. he is selling his Skimz SM161. something you might want to consider. 4) 4 tubes of lighting 5) I use D&D salt. happy so far and no intention of changing 6) Get a chiller. 7) Get a DI unit. Those resin refillable ones. The things above cost more for a start up but you will save more in the long run. Good luck bro !
  9. Purple Tang - small about 3 inch or less. - $70 Yellow Tang - small about 2.5 inch or less - $40 Multicolour Angel - about 3 inch - $110 Majestic Angel - about 3 inch - adult - $70 Lemonpeel - about 2.5 inch - $65 all feeding on pellets, flakes, seaweed.... whatever you throw at them video of them feeding can be found here in my tank thread : Collection at Choa chu Kang. Hope to sell by Tuesday. Else will release them back into my tank. Please PM me if keen. FCFS. No reservations. Kena piloted too many times. Will also be giving priority to whoever that buys the most fishes.
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