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  1. Getting better n better each day Cheers, James
  2. I don't have the means to run a water test on it but I know this fm salt rocks from the observations of my corals especially LPS....for my sps, I don't even need to use colour elements. JK: Do I get a discount on my next bucket of fm salt for good publicity? hee! Cheers, James
  3. They bought I didnt....no confidence leh Cheers, James
  4. The latest iwarna icefire indeed shines...... Cheers, James
  5. Actually to me i think its about the same. Led uses lesser energy but coverage not as wide as t5 so end up need more leds. But one thing for sure led contribute less heat to the water. Cheers, James
  6. LED is 50/50, depend on tuner, T5 is 100% proven, idiot proof....that's all I can say. Cheers, James
  7. A well tune CR is the best Nice sunset monti Cheers, James
  8. Adding sand has 3 advantages. ..1) more surface area for beneficial bacteria hosting 2) help reflect light upwards 3) better ascetic natural look Cheers, James
  9. Wow, alot of seafans. Its not easy to keep them for long. What do you feed them with? Cheers, James
  10. Pics pics pics.....I love to see matured tank. Cheers, James
  11. Is the tank running on led? Cheers, James
  12. Beautiful live stocks Cheers, James
  13. I still think its oxygenation issue. Need to relook at your setup. Cheers, James
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