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  1. Super nice scape and tank, love it Now this is totm totq standard
  2. Outstanding results......so there is no magic huh? Just plain old water change Glad you make it.
  3. You should share to all how you overcome your problems on sps keeping
  4. Thanks for the explanation. In a way it looks like we are paying Triton to take care of our tank through "tuning" of our water parameters but on top of that we need to have a good filteration system to get rid of the nutrients build up on our own. Is it sustainable? You decide Honestly, i would rather spend the money to engage lfs to take care of my tank if I am really too busy to maintain it, then use a system that I have little or no control over. End of the day its the user choice. I shall not comment any farther. Thanks for all the clarification and explanation done by tofu and fuel, these informations are valuable and will help a lot of reefers to understand what Triton is all about.
  5. So if I understand it correctly, this triton is all about spending $80 to find out what elements are lacking in our tank so we can dose the insufficient elements to make our parameters "perfect"? Oh ya and we won't know if the amount we dose is too much or too less until we spend another $80 to test again and again? And if we start to add more live stocks or if we skim more or use more carbon or.....etc The elements ran off so we need to continously spend more to chase the parameters again? Wow, this is really a good money making program. Kudos to the founder of Triton. Cheers, James
  6. For LPS dominant tank I will agree triton might be feasible since the corals would probably be happier under the higher nutrients environment. But for sps dominated tank, sending test sample to address the trace deficiency yet without doing water change is just a time bomb no matter how much we give chase to attain the perfect parameters. Nutrients will eventually build up to a point your expensive sps starts to deteriorate and lose colours or stn/rtn. Dilution is still the best Solution IMHO. Cheers, James
  7. I heard its $80-$90 for the triton water test? So in short a triton user will need to spend $80/month for water test then spend donno how much to replenish the trace elements? Might as well spend the money on high quality fm salts and do weekly or monthly water change. Higher chance we will see better results in our reef tanks. Cheers, James
  8. My brothers used triton....and I can see the result myself.....haha..... brothers you know who you are Cheers, James
  9. No water change = No colourful sps tank......period Cheers, James
  10. I personally know 2 reefers using it for many months and finally given up on it recently. If you believe in no water change can bring you good water parameters and good sps colouration then go ahead and give it a try. Cheers, James
  11. Selling away some spare bsi gel @ bundle of $40 for 5 tubes. Interested contact James @ 91822409 to arrange for collection near kovan mrt. Cheers, James
  12. JH, you also bought your mitsubishi 1hp compressor less than $350 from malaysia right? And temperature controller less than $40 from an online site right? I think you can become professional installer too. Good margin. Cheers, James
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